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I'm not sure what magazine this is from because it came with a bunch of clippings and pictures I got from ebay a while ago. I thought this was a cool interview and I don't think it's been posted here before. So here ya go!


Boom! Shake Shake Shake The Room For The Fresh Prince!

When Will Smith walks into the room with his posse of baseball-capped heavy duty "mates" (ie minders), you know someone really famous has arrived. And these days Will Smith is really famous. He's the star of his TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (the 16th biggest show in the States), he's made 5 rap LPs and had international hits with his sidekick Jazzy Jeff and his first movie, Made in America (with Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg) has just appeared in cinemas.


Strangely enough, though, this morning he seems a bit nervous. Twitchy even. He decides to do the interview standing up. Has the hugely famous star of the stage and screen for some inexplicable reason got the wobblers?

"No, I'm just cold, man," he grins. "We arrived in the UK yesterday and it's freezing compared to back home."

So what is there that's important to know about Will Smith? Well, he's 24, from Philadelphia, 6'2", very good at basketball, married to a girl called Sharee with a baby boy named Will Junior and he reckons he was a weirdo when he was at school.

"I was kinda weird, yeah," he says. "I would work hard to be different in the way I dressed, the haircuts I had. I used to have a blond mane at the back of my head at one point!"


"I went to a school called Overbrook High and it was just a regular high school, the kids didn't run around with guns or whatever like they do now. If you were fighting, it was fist-fighting. The gunplay at school is kinda wild, kids get shot at school in Philly now."

Were you any use in school?

"Yeah, I was always pretty good at school. I was a somewhat exceptional student..."

(Oi! Bighead alert!)

"...I was also a bit of a joker. I was one of the few people who could wisecrack and always have one ear kind of paying attention, so I could act silly through the entire class but if I was called on I was always able to answer the question. I've always been charming, so I was able to get on with the teachers and be silly too."

Were you a big hit with the chicks too?

"Ah no, I wasn't really a big hit with the girls. Not until my senior year and then beyond that, of course."


He met DJ Jazzy Jeff when he was 16 ("Jeff was the best DJ in Philly, no question") and together they began performing at Dollar parties - where kids from the neighborhood would pay a dollar to dance to a blue light on someone's washing machine (so he claims). Not long after that their first single, Girls Ain't Nuthin' But Trouble, was released - and bingo - fame and fortune beckoned. Then he was spotted by the TV network NBC in America and in an instant became the wisecracking Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's a hard life though, reckons Will. Especially doing the TV show.

"It takes a week per episode and we shoot 24 a year. It's a tiring schedule but it's great fun. I never have problems learning the lines because we're doing it all week - we rehearse from Monday through Thursday and then shoot it in front of a live audience on Friday, so by the time you get to Friday you've been doing it all week and you just naturally (snaps fingers) slip straight into it."

So is it tough behind the scenes of a top-ranking international TV show? Are the teams of writers being sacked on the spot and you running round having TV star tantrums?

"There has been tension in the past. But we're now onto the fourth series. I want it to be the number 1 show."


In the meantime, of course, there's been Made in America.

"That was a real fun experience because it was my first big role in a film and it gave me an opportunity to see if I liked this film business. I wouldn't want to do it all year, but a film takes about ten weeks so it's something I'd enjoy maybe once a year."

You must be worth a fortune by now. A millionaire at the very least...

"I don't really want to talk figures. I'm very well off, put it that way."

Is it weird being famous?

"Uh, yeah, but it's nice. Being on television makes people feel really close to you because you're actually in these people's houses. So generally people are really nice and easy and people feel as if they know me. People come up to me in the street going 'Hey Will, how ya doing?'. I get loads of fan letters and I probably read about 40 a week. You get the occasional weird one, but for the most part it's kids."

Sadly Will Junior is still a bit young to recognize his dad on the telly. When was he born?

"Let me see, well, he's seven months old, so that was how long ago - January or something?! (Looks horrified - and rightly so - that he doesn't know his own son's birthday.) My head's a mess, I'm so busy all the time..."

And before you know it, he's off to be busy and famous and rich again...


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"I would work hard to be different in the way I dressed, the haircuts I had. I used to have a blond mane at the back of my head at one point!"

hahahahaha!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

thanx for the article, it was really funny.

Haha yeah, I can't picture Will with a blond mane at the back of his head! If anyone finds a pic of that, please post it here!! :lolsign:

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