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So we all heard about JJFP Tour that should be happening after "Happyness",

but the question is...is it "really" happening?

I mean, does Will really understand that we are starving for it terribly badly?

If he decides to put off the tour again, I have a feeling that we will never get a chance to see.

I think we should tell him how much we need their stage.

An online petition will be good, cuz we can also let them know where & what songs we want them to perform thru it.

What do you think guys?

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But he chose to act. The way you have to look at it

Another 20mil for big will.

Yeag he CHOSE to act...that's what I don't get...he always says that hip hop is his first love...don't show it Will! Show that you still love Hip Hop, not by releasing an album and not do a tour! He can do better then that!

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Well let's be realistic, Will has a better chance of winning an Oscar than he does winning a Grammy at this point, I mean if more people went out to buy the album when it dropped he'd done the tour this summer but that didn't happen that way, he's only done a few shows here and there to satisify the few people that listen to him now and he also did the DVD too so he's doing things to satisfy us fans, if the album gone double platinum a tour would've went into effect 'cause there's a big fanbase that'd demand a tour, I think he'll eventually do a tour for loyal fans but right now there's more fans demanding for him to do another movie than there is for him to go on tour, releasing albums every 2 or 3 years is actually better than just doing an album every 5 years and just chill like Rakim or Slick Rick does, doing shows for their few fans in between, Jazzy Jeff is always busy doing something too when Will does movies so it's hard for them to get together like they'd when they were 20 and were single just doing tours when they came out, they got more obligations now.

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2 true Ted.

Its a shame. Will is such a huge actor now he can afford to take a break and say no to some film roles.

I wish he realised how many of us would want a toru so bad,

Tis a shame if it doesn't go ahead but im not giving up hope yet.

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There's a few million anticipating the next Will movie and only a few thousand anticipating Will to go on tour and do another album, if Will's music fans were more loyal than his movie fans I think he'd quit acting but it's not that way, he only needs to do one serious movie and win an Oscar to get it over with so he could retire from acting on top then concentrate on retiring from rap on top winning another Grammy many years from now! :lolsign:

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Well when Will says he gonna do something in six weeks, he means 6 months, so maybe when he said a tour this year october he probably meant october 2010.

I dont know if this is gonna happen or not, im not gonna keep my hopes up but its there in the back of my mind that it could happen. I think it depends on how much Lost and Found sells and if its gonna pick up.

If this happens tho, i can die a happy girl. But i dont think there is anything we can do to help it happen other than help lost and found with voting and street teaming.

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Oh yeah he's had one hell of a career, he's sold over 30 million over 9 albums and has had about 10 movies hit #1 in the box office, "Big Willie Style" is one of the selling albums in music history and "Independence Day" is one of the highest grossed films of all-time, "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" is an all-time top sitcom right up with "Bill Cosby" and "Friends", accomplishing all this and he ain't even 40 yet, most peeps could work their life in the entertainment buisiness and have that kinda success, there's nobody like him, JJFP did a lot of touring when they came in the game but we were mostly too young to remember unfortunately, I think he's gonna wanna definately do another one one day, he obviously loves hip-hop more than movies 'cause he's had albums flop and he still comes back to do more, I think if some of his movies flopped he'd consider giving up acting faster.

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