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Common.. a racist?


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read this over at okayplayer


Common Labeled A 'Racist Bitch' By UK Rappers

By Nooreen Kara

Tuesday - September 6, 2005


Photo Credit: Apio

Common may have received critical acclaim by journalists and magazines for his latest release, Be, but he isn't getting that same love all over the world. It looks

like Common's got himself a few adversaries in the UK.

While in London promoting Be a couple of months back, he discussed his disapproval of mixed race relationships in an interview with London magazine, Touch, where he criticized blacks with dreadlocks for dating white women, stating that those men would be "going against what the dreadlock's purpose was."

Three multi-cultural emcees from the UK didn't take lightly to Common's words and have recorded a track in retaliation. Rising Son, Yungun and Doc Brown -- three emcees who are known for the lyrically skills in Europe -- put together "Dear Common (The Corner Dub)," where they respond to Common's extreme views.

Rising Son refers to Common as a "racist bitch" and spits, "I predict the future is mixed/ Marking the end of all this racism sh--."

Britain is known to be more multicultural than America, which Doc details on the chorus. Meanwhile, Yungun says, "Black and white used to drink from different taps/ And you should know 'cause your album had a picture of that/ So when you say that you're showing how a hypocrite acts/ Now I ain't dissing this cat, I'm only spitting the facts."

"I respected Common more as a person before," Rising Son told BallerStatus.net. "I thought he would have been a bit more educated. He's quite a well-traveled person; he's been around the globe with his music, so I expected him to be a bit more clued-up about the world. It's a new day, it's a new era, a new time, and that was so last century -- all that 'stick to your own race' sh--.

"I don't know if he's heard the track, he might have, he might not have. But I'm not really bothered. I made that track so that people know I'm not having that. If he hears it and wants to say something to me about it, he can be my guest, he can handle it anyway he wants," Rising added.

Rising Son was first recognized by US media when he beat out 5,000 hopefuls to work with and appear alongside Nas on the "Thief's Theme" UK remix, and Nas has since expressed further interest in working with the rapper.

"Dear Common (The Corner Dub)" is making noise in not only Europe and the UK, but also in the US. You can hear the track for yourself on HipHopGame's UK edition.

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That is not something I would expect out of Common, he seems like a real knowledgable person, acutally, I find it a bit disappointing.

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I think it's also ignorant though when white men tell their daughters not to go out with black guys though too, it works both ways remember, not saying that Common was right but you gotta consider that too 'cause I'd go out with white girls and their parents would get on them for going out with me and I wasn't doing anything wrong, I mean why go through the drama if I could go out with a black girl with parents to could accept me, but I always give everybody a chance if I care about them but their family gotta respect me too, it's just like when Malcolm X said white people are devils in one of his earlier speeches, he realised he was wrong and that're some good ones when he went to the Pilgimige at Mecca but there's a lot of them that discriminate us and we might wanna call them devils 'cause I don't call it godly when you judge somebody for what they look like instead of the character they really are, it's obvious their parents hated me 'cause of what I look like and that's wrong so I might wanna call them devils myself! :shake:

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I don't think any of you actually understand the nuances of race in American culture, since you're not American. I also doubt that you have any insight into rastafarianism, which is where dreadlocks originated and what they are SUPPOSED to represent.

Now, I have no knowledge of what Common said other than what Hero posted, but I will point out that he spoke about "blacks with dreadlocks", not blacks in general. He also said it was "going against what the dreadlock's purpose was", which is correct in the Rastafarian religion. It's akin to sporting Hasidic Jewish dress and hair but then eating pork and fornicating with gentiles.

So, in essence, what he is objecting too is not that these black men are dating white women, but that they are desecrating Rastafarian Culture by wearing dreads while doing so. If you are calling him a racist for that then you should call every Rastafarian a racist as well, and every person that wears dreadlocks a racist sympathizer. ;)

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well im callin rastafarians who believe black people with dreadlocks shouldnt date white women racists...

well that is the problem of American culture.. everything is black and white.. guess its not like that round the world..

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