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There was this girl around the way that make cats drool

Her name's Drew, played fools out they money in pool

People swore we was ****in but we was just cool

She used to hang while I slang my drugs after school

She'd watch my bomb, help my moms with the groceries

My little sister, the girl was kinda close to me

A little closer than the average girl's supposed to be

Far from a lover, my girl was jealous of her

Then she started messin with some major players

Handled keys, niggas called them the Bricklayers

A dread kid, had a baby fore that bitch Taya

Found out her baby's father cheatin, now Drew she gotta slay her

One night, across from the corner store

Taya ran around the block with a chrome four-four

Squeezed all six shots in the passenger door

The dude lived, what my baby had to die for

We missin her.-Biggie Feat. 112

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"We drop a little science off in every verse

They put that P.A. sticker on it cause they scared we gon' curse

But the knowledge is the power, the cowards get devoured

Any hour, any cipher, any way to any height

Because I might just SNAP on a ****-ass nigga

Might clap a cap at a sucka-ass nigga

In the meantime, Daddy Fatsacks gon' chill out

He might just, pull out his pistol

and let that thang whistle at your windshield or your residence

Superman to Clark Kent, you better be way harder

than the park bench to start this

Marcus, Jason, my little brother James

All my brothers from my momma but Andre is just the same

Ain't no uno, we a duo; deuce dos to a pair

A player stiffen the competition

Pressed like Levi's and toughskins, one minus one

Negative one minus negative one is nothin

Bustin d-boy raps and player poems

The 'Kast **** ain't plastic, we smash it and move the crowd

And rock the crowd original material while you bore 'em

Your live show consists of everybody's **** but you're-uns

Do your own ****! In your live show (bitin ass nigga)"-Big Boi on "Flip Flop Rock"

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Scared of a bunch of water, then get out the rain

Order a rapper for lunch and spit out the chain

Then kick a lungee of the tip of his timbo

And trick a honey dip into a game of of strip limbo

Odd... He couldn't find no remorse

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse

Of course his technique was from a divine source

Never new the price of ice or what swine cost

One guy tried to bite the heat

That's when he discovered the other other white meat

Ohhhh, the one they hate so well

He sure keeps it pyscho like the old bates motel

They came to ask him for a least some new tracks

But only got confronted by the beast with two backs

Knock... Mouse is a made man

Villain laid it down like the best laid plan

KABOOM... DOOM is nervous large

You could tell by his Blooming room service charge

Dark and tall to boot

The only thing was wrong was he was bald as a coot

Used to rent a van from Peter Pan to red and tan

And keep the human foot for his dead man's hand

This was when the mask was brand spanking new

Before it got rusted from drinking all the brew

[sniff] Stankin' too, pew

Kept all his earnings in the bank and his shoe

Spat what he knew, energy for true

To all fake rappers, twenty-three skidoo

Excuse you, any room in the class front?

For a blast of the blunt, shrooming since last month

Doom a human in the mask I'm on the stunt

Danger zooming past mad fast on the hunt

Keep the streets, we got the city needing conquered

Discreetly with the city till they be completely bonkered

Dangerdoom - "Sofa King"

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