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By the way, Big we missing you Pac we missing you

We feel your presence just not in the physical

All across the world, blocks is miserable

Y'all left a void it's a lot of little yous

But they not original and they not identical

They just studied your flows and they watched your interviews

That's when hip hop if it's not ten of you

Then it gotta be more, y'all left your paws

Footprints on the game hood ain't been the same

Feeling ain't been in music hooks ain't been the same

But I'm doing what I can man and try to follow y'all memory lane man

Big you be ashamed to see New York gangbang

Pac you feel the same thing they use your name in vein

But I guess that's the issue

And it proves how much, niggas really miss you..

Jigga & Aaliyah-Miss You (Remix)

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I was taught be smart stay humble

I was taught be hard don't fumble

I was taught in these concrete jungle

Rumble young man rumble

I was taught stay hard as they come dude

I was taught any problems confront you

I was taught in these concrete jungle

Rumble young man rumble

Juelz Santana-Rumble Young man Rumble

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"I'm tired of n----z complainin how the game changed

You n----z should step up your game, cause you sound strange

That's why you ain't sellin no records, check the SoundScain

In this rap s--- I command"-Busta "You Can't Hold The Torch"

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Lost generation, fast paced nation

World population confront they frustration

The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken

It's all contractual and about money makin

Pretend-to-be cats don't seem to know they limitation

Exact replication and false representation

- The Roots - What they do

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We Gone Mass Today, We Have To Pay

Depise What The Pastor Say, I Have 2 Say

Ever Since 'Pac Passed Away

Most U Rappers Don't Deserve A Track From Me

overhyped rapper #1 Ft/ Brandy "Bring Me Dowj

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Baby In my body but it don't gotta to live, it's up to me

but if I keep what The **** I got to give

I mean I'm still young and I don't really have ****

And if this nigga up and leave then my child a be a bastard

This is drastic nobody really understands me

and my mom don't Give a **** and neither does the rest of the family

they like Remy you can't afford it but you expect us to support it

I feel my seeds apart of me and I don't want to abort it

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"in the name of Jesus!

Devil I rebuke you, for what I go through

Been tryna make me do, what I used to (WHAT!)

But all that stops right here (YEAH!)

As long as the Lord's in my life, I will have no fear

I will know no pain from the light to the dark (COME ON!)

I will no show no shame, spit it right from the heart (COME ON!)

'Cause it's right from the start, you held me down

And ain't.. nothin they can tell me now!"-DMX "Lord Give Me A Sign"

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