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the tell my why single


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No chance... Tell Me Why doesn't have anything to do with natural disasters! All tragedies created by humans...
^^^^I didn't even notice that, that is really true

If he tried to write a new verse after all the stuff that has happened recently it would be a very long song. The tsunami, London attacks, the hurricaine, the list goes on.

you also make a good point, Julie

mainly the reason why I thought this up was because in the full Michael Jackson smooth criminal video he adds a couple of verses (I was watching the video at the time) and also it could kinda be like a 12" single kinda thing.

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Chuck D wrote a song about Hurricane Katrina, I posted it in Caught In The Middle, I say Will should definately get Chuck D on the "Tell Me Why" remix now, we need 2 powerful voices getting together in times like these, in fact a better idea would be for Will to get together with a whole bunch of conscious rappers get together and record a song and donate the money to the victims of this tragic Hurricane and it could be called "Self Destruction 2005" 'cause this truly is a self-destruction here! :shake:

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