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you still think lost and found is wills best album


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Lyrically it's arguably his best right up with "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" but musically it's one of his worst right down with "Big Willie Style" except for a couple tracks like "Loretta", "Switch", "Party Starter" and "Tell Me Why" which were great productions, I'll admit Jazzy's produced "Here He Comes" was only average and the rest of the album's beats are close to mediocre, I think even some of his here could make beats better than what's on there . I think it'd be even better if Will used beats similar to "Born To Reign" with these rhymes on "Lost and Found", that'd score more points with me! It's not the best produced album this year since Kanye West's "Late Registration" has better beats but Will could outrhyme Kanye anyday.

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Overall, I would say that Lost and Found and Willenium are pretty close, but in the end, I would have to give it to Lost and Found. The production isn't quite as good, but lyrically, it is stronger, and the fact that he is really going after the haters makes it that much better.

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Will's always been a great battle mc, this verse on "My Buddy" is one of the strongest in his career and one of the reasons why "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" will remain the best album Will's ever done:

"We've won so many battles, people think it's a trick

That when the crowd gets to judge it's US that they'll pick

They see Ready's face and then they hear my voice

To choose us as the winners is the natural choice

Because battle after battle we remain on top

Cause it's not the way we look, it's the way that we rock

So if you thought you wanted to battle, bust this rhyme

Just keep it and I'm sure that I can change your mind

There was ten wack dudes trying to play high post

One crew got bold and they began to boast

But said, Y'all shut up and get back in line

But they refused (what happened now) So now there's nine

Nine wack crews tryin to rock like this

They were bitin my rhymes and just couldn't resist

I said please stop bitin, please don't imitate

But they kept on bitin, so there's now there's eight

Eight wack crews poppin big time trash

Telling us that in a battle we can't last

The battle started at 10:30 and by quarter of eleven was no longer eight crews (how many was their)

There was seven

Seven wack cruise in a football huddle

Trying to figure out their next rebuttal

They came out strong you'd think their The Ultimate but we just dissed em and dismissed, so now there's six

Six wack groups, tryin to be tough

Who the hell told em they could rock the mic like us

We got straight down the business didn't pop no jive

We just blew em out, so now there's five

Five wack crews lined up in the hallway

All perpetrating like they're read to play

My secretary walked out, she asked for one more

They got scared, and left, so now there's four

Four wack crews outside playing around

I said I'll take you wall on, now how does that sound?

Not one had heart enough to pick up that mic

I said, okay I'll let you go, psych

That's the moral, of this story

Never try to take me and Ready Rock's glory

Cause if you do your future looks muddy

Cause you just can't beat me and my buddy"

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That verse is great, how the hell does this guy not get respect in today's rap game?

:iagree: 'Cause the majority of today's rap fans have a short term memory, if they took a look at how great his career has been they'd see that he's arguably the greatest mc that has ever touched the mic, I mean how many classics does he have to drop? :daveuidiot: I honestly think it comes down to preference, there's 5 albums you can flip a coin on and say it's the best one, Will might be the only rapper that has matured along with his music in his career, you could see each album represented who he was at the time, he was rapping about mostly partying and battling rappers when he came out, now he's rapping about the issues he deals with as a married man with kids and still proves that he's still the best battle mc out now, the skills have always stayed consistant, a lot of rappers when he came out ain't in their prime now(actually most except for maybe KRS, Chuck D, Slick Rick, or LL) to duplicate what they did earlier in their careers but Will is and I still think that the best is yet to come, especially if he does a more mature JJFP album with Jazzy.

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B2R is lower than the other 3, no doubt about that, but I pu L&F and Willenium above BWS for the fact that he deals with deeper issues on each of those albums.

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I still give it to Lost and Found...

Here He Comes

Ms. Holy Roller

Mr. Nice Guy

Lost and Found


I Wish I Made That/Swagga

Tell Me Why

Party Starter

That's the core of Lost and Found, and even the fringe tracks are pretty good.

B2R, BWS, Willenium... They aren't even in the same category, Jeff or no Jeff, it really doesn't make a difference, Lost and Found is that good.

Lost and Found just has Will at his best. Production could have been better, but Will more than makes up for that with the lyrics and the way he flows over the beats... Voice inflection, expression, and pitch... It's just an all around package of enjoyment. And you have to admit, Will has gotten better lyrically and his flow is just crazy...

Everytime I listen to the Born 2 Reign title track, I wonder what happened to the rest of the album... Will must have been saving it for Lost and Found.

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"Born To Reign" wasn't Will's best album but when you make that many albums, there's bound to be some albums that stand out more than others.

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