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no party starter video guys.


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well i don't call Gold being unsucessful thats pretty good... i mean will still should have the video released but the interscope ceos and executives are being gay

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**** interscope

The board's most kind person has gone naughty ladies and gentleman :lol:

What's this with will and music labels, he always signs for the wrong label,

I am really sad because this is 1 of the, if not the best album of this year,

and it didn't get exploited at all to the audience.

I think will smith should have a serious talk with interscope and let them feel it,

or otherwise tell them if they continue to lack on their support to his CD, he'll go elsewhere.

PS: Really stupid by interscope releasing them so late

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yeah it would have  probally..... but its still pretty good to go gold alot of rappers don't

So the question becomes... Do you want to compare Lost and Found to a lot of other rappers' work or do you want to compare where Lost and Found is now with where it should be... I don't think we should be looking to other rappers to validate Lost and Found's mediocre success... Lost and Found should stand on its own merits. It shouldn't me judged by what others are doing. It should be judged by what it can do.

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