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Terrell Owens is Crazy...


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First, he Throws a Fit to become a free agent. His Agent messes up some paper work, and he's traded to Baltimore. He complains some more, and eventually, the NFLPA Gives in and grants his wish to become a Free Agent. Philly gives him a contract, and the NFLPA urges him that he shouldn't sign it, but he doesn't listen.

NOW! He hates the contract he agreed too, because it isn't paying him his worth (as he claims). He gets into a heated argument with Coach Andy reid, and is suspended from camp for about a week.

What's going on in that man's head?

his teammates can only tak so much. they seem to be behind him, but it's only a mater of time before he does something like this again, and his team is disgusted by it...Even worse, is his relationship with McNabb. QB and WR have to be On the same page. How can they do that when he's acting like this?

It's crazy...I mean, you agreed to the contract, you knew what it would give you over the years. now you have to suck it up and play with it.

Oh, and I'm a Cowboys fan, so i'm really not mad :3-laugh3: The more drama in Philly, the better it will be for us :dope:

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I don't know, it disgusts me as an Eagles' fan to see TO act like this, I go to the team message board and that's all everyone's talking about, it's disgusting, he must be hanging out with 50 Cent or somethin' 'cause his ego's at an all-time high, I think the Eagles should trade TO 'cause he's gonna ruin team chemistry, let him play for a bad team and get all the money he wants. :lolsign:

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While I understand a player's desire to be paid market value, I detest the way T.O. is going about it. It makes him look like a complete tool. What's worse is that he's hired this complete slimeball for an agent - Drew Rosenhaus. This agent is a complete jerk and a bum.

I personally like T.O. when he's on the field playing. He's probably the best WR in the NFL today. I can't condone his dumb behavior concerning his contract. He should have signed a one-year deal. Honor your contract, T.O.!!!! Don't be a tool!

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TO deserves to get paid but he's acting like a baby which could lead teammates and coaches to get mad at him and not want him on the team anymore, it's cool to trash talk other teams but not your own team! :nhawong: If this was an average player doing this, he'd been cut 3 months ago, lol.

EDIT: Check this out:

McNabb said he isn't bothered by T.O.'s talk

ESPN.com news services

As the Eagles Camp Turns

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Donovan McNabb insisted he wasn't stung by criticism from Terrell Owens, laughing off the banished wide receiver's remarks before turning serious and telling him to "keep my name out of your mouth."

With Owens seemingly bound for his Atlanta home and taking a break from blasting the Eagles, McNabb joked with reporters, tapped the mikes and rubbed his hands together before taking his seat inside a jammed media tent shortly after Philadelphia's practice Friday.

It's a family affair

Donovan McNabb told Terrell Owens to leave his family out of Owens' contract squabble.

• McNabb strikes back

"Yeah! C'mon, bring it!" McNabb said to laughter.

Owens again blasted McNabb on two separate interviews with ESPN on Thursday, calling the quarterback a "hypocrite" and saying the two of them could not be successful together. Owens also said he had no desire to speak with McNabb.

"It's so funny to me how my name keeps getting thrown out there," McNabb said. "You've just got to have fun with it and that's exactly what we're doing."

Owens was told to go home Wednesday after a heated dispute with coach Andy Reid -- and to stay there for a week. He's since lifted weights and shot hoops in front of the reporters camped outside his house and had harsh words for Reid and McNabb in TV interviews.

On Friday morning, Owens left his Moorestown, N.J., home with two suitcases and went to Philadelphia International Airport, where he told KYW-TV as he headed to a security gate: "I'm going to the Bahamas. I'm going to get a tan."

It appears Owens was joking: He was interviewed by local reporters at an Atlanta airport.

McNabb, light and smiling throughout his interview, agreed with Owens the two didn't necessarily have to speak to win.

"I still to this day see no reason for us to talk," McNabb said. "When we step on this field, it's all about business. We're professionals that line up and do the right thing."

This was the second time this year McNabb has warned Owens to stop talking about him.

After Owens complained that McNabb was tired in the Super Bowl, McNabb said "Just keep my name out of your mouth," during a mandatory mini-camp.

McNabb, who made a recruiting pitch to get Owens to Philadelphia before last season, was tired of hearing Owens complain.

"Now for my name to be thrown out again, this is the second time. Keep my name out of your mouth," he said. "Keep my family's name out of your mouth."

Owens called McNabb a "hypocrite" on Thursday because the quarterback said publicly that he did not want to meet with Owens, while T.O said McNabb did try to arrange a meeting.

McNabb said he didn't learn until Thursday that his brother did reach out to someone close to Owens to arrange a meeting where the two Eagles could possibly work out their differences.

McNabb was bothered that Owens brought his family into his televised rants.

"My family doesn't need to be involved in any of this. I don't need to be involved in any of this," he said. "Now when you bring my family into it, I have a problem

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I haven't really followed this much, so I don't know what to make of it entirely. Is it just me or are a lot of Wide Receivers havin' problems. TO, Hines Ward, Randy Moss, etc. What's the deal with all these guys? Hines hasn't been like the other 2 tho.

Has TO been talkin about going to other teams?

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Don't be a tool!

In my humble opinion, this little piece of advice sums it up. :switch: Just completely ridiculous behavior. And I hate the fact that TO and his agent are pretty much on every talk show ever all the time. But even though they are unspeakably annoying, I still watch. It's perversly interesting to hear them rationalize their actions out loud. :wtf:

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