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At It Again

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I wrote two verses yesterday, my first verse didnt go well so I started again. The 2nd verse was done yesterday and I didn't change anything. Let me know what you think, advice is always appreciated...

At It Again

My lyrics are goin down underground

Hear dope beats lyrics and sounds

I'll turn all haters to one scene

Firing back at U as strong as gasoline

U heard I stopped rapping for a while

Makin s*** just ain't my style

Bass runnin through my speakers

Another underrated MC bleeder

I dont need anybody, I make it on my own

Other motherf***ers been doin their s*** all wrong

F***ed up lyrics with beats callin them songs

My rhymes are hitting as strong as steel

Mix my lyrics with beats, too strong to kill

'If you still don't like my flow

F*** off and I suggest you go

Hot beats with lyrics so cold

None of this s*** will get old

Never forget the way the story is told

I keep my s*** loud

Even haters know how I keep it down'

You don't have a line to rhyme with 'told'

I keep my s*** loud

Even haters know how I keep it down

My lyrics are like rocks and stones

Lines so heavy, it can break your bones

Took time with and now it's all blown

You'll see me in future ruling the throne

You act like you hold the reign

I'll give you lil something that can pop your veins

My lines are hittin so hard

Already got people treatin me like God

Like the words that I'm spittin

Nobody tells I'm quittin

All of it turned out so deep

Crazy lyrics that never put you to sleep

Other people and music selling cheap

Cuz they cheat

They can't bring the heat with hot beats

U hear my stuff in the middle of streets

I'm takin it back to youth

Never lie, always have to speak the truth

Read my words line by line

Outstanding stuff that always shines

Written in two thousand and five

Got the lyrics that keep you alive

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It was very... bragadocious.

"I keep my s*** loud

Even haters know how I keep it down" - I really didn't think this made much sense.

"My lyrics are like rocks and stones

Lines so deep it can break your bones" - if your gonna use a simile or metaphor, keep it together. It would make more sense to say "Lines so heavy, it can break your bones"

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