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Liberty X feat Rev Run


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What the hell kind of a collab is this?

Shocking to hear but i was listening to Radio 1 yesterday and DJ Scott Mills go guess who this next song is buy, then its played. It was a decent pop song with Run rapping two verses and alot of background singing by whoever.

He announced at the end it was Liberty X, i was like "What the F***". Its a surpringly good uplifting tune tho, and although i don't think it was Runs best idea to work with them it mite be good promo for his forthcoming album.

Keep your ears open for this one.


For anyone who doesn't know who Liberty X are, they are a manufactured mulit sex pop group made up from rejects of a Pop Idol type show.

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I remember watching Liberty X's last music video which was shot near a swimming pool, but I don't remember the songs name. But it certainly was quite visually appealing. :wink:

Anyways, I'll try and check out Run/X collab song.

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i caught the end of the video today, i actually turned to the channel just as run was finishing. It was actually quite good what i heard, it was very uplifting and kinda gospel.

Although my favourite music is hip hop and RnB and glad that there is a pop song coming out, in this country at the moment it seems to have died. Im sick of listening to this coldplay, keane, scissor sisters **** every morning, its depressing.

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thanx Jonny. i would never have thought we would be exchanging and enjoying Liberty x on this website. :3-laugh3:

For the non-uk people Liberty x were runners up in a american idol type show, the winning group only had 1 single did badly then split, but Libery x are still going quite a few years later.

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