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FuQ - Check The Rhyme


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Hey y'all. I finally recorded the song that I performed at the Coffee House back in May 2005. It was my own rendition of A Tribe Called Quest's "Check The Rhime". I got a very receptive response. I had blanked out for the last 6 lines and had to freestyle. That was a nice lil test for me. Anyway, here's the lyrics and the song. Enjoy it.

May 14, 2005 (circa 6:00 p.m.) - May 16, 2005 (9:15 a.m.) © 2005

Verse 1

1, 2, here's the introduction

Listen to the flow of the lyrics and the beat of the percussion

Nothin's gonna stop me from rockin'

Handin' me the mic is ya only option

And if not then, the crowd is gonna go

cuz they didn't get a show and they'll end up closed

But I can save ya, wit good behavior

Let 'em hear a MC that can kick it major

Pen hits the paper wit word submission

And how I feel towards the rhythm, that's my decision

Givin' U a vision of how I'm livin'

or a fantasy imagining

I'm not an automated service

I ain't worthless, I got a purpose

and I exert this force by choice

Releasin' creative lyrics comin' outta my jaws

Check the rhyme, respect the lines

Perfectly defined in Hip Hop's hectic times

While they're clowin', loungin', they're lost but I'm found

wit a sound that they wish wasn't around

Styles change, and everybody wants to reign in the game

Have a bigger cash flow and out-do the next

That's why ya scratch bein' neighbors

cuz they'll try to play ya

See, U can get hurt and U can feel irked

Bein' low and gettin kicked to the dirt

Some think to highly of our society

But it's a cliff and they fall off like Wyle E.

Gettin looney to tune cuz I got enuff room

to push down on the dynamite box and go boom

Recover and check the rhyme

Everything's in order and still fine

Verse 2

Get back into delight as I rap again

The 1st verse was gettin' lonely, so I brought a friend

that's convenient entertainment

Fluently speaking the same language

If U can't hang wit the dialect that a brain collects

move down a step for ya next best bet

Set up the scene, what's happening

I'm a be like a camera, and capture things

I'm walkin down a long avenue

Gettin looked at by people that I never knew

I'm in a backwards hat, and I don't back track

unless I'm playin' music cuz I love hearin' that

Just move to the groove, soothing to da ear

No matter the emotion, I'm a feel it, yeah

Maybe have a cutie catch my eye

If I step up, do like a respectful guy

Then continue when I'm thru, get home and write a few rhymes

if I'm productive wit my mind

Then record it, rewind, check the playback, it's fine

Put it to a cd, and spin it anytime

See, I'm just a regular

but when it comes to Hip Hop, I gotta be a competitor

cuz they wanna be better, leave U no enjoyment

of a guy like me that's not annoying

Bringing a great rhythm, that always get 'em

If they wanna catch Zs, I ain't the one to see

The word is bomb, wit a bond that's strong

Able to hit the mic, just right in the song


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Hey, I finally went to your soundclick page and heard your tracks Fuq. And damn, you're awesome. Especially Check The Rhyme, you sounded like a total pro! :2thumbs:

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