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A website that reads your mind...


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I found this website today, and it can read your mind! It's really creepy... click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen. I tried this many times and it worked every time!! You have to try this!!


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me and my cousin always crack these mind reader things, so with this one if yoru dont mind me telling is ----------theres just alot of the number or symbol its guessing you have. so a majority of the time it'll be right. keep on trying, it'll mess up,

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haha i did 10+90 and it didn't work then i did  33+13 and it didn't wokr haha so much for mind reader

No, that's not how you do it. You think of a 2-digit number and you add each number. Example: if you're number is 25, you add 2 and 5, which is 7. Then you subtract 7 from 25, which is 18. So you look at the symbol for 18. so try that...

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Ok, ok, Ok, I'll Tell you, If You Don't wnat to know Quickly skip over this post, or something :haha: .

I'm giving you time here here, Scroll down Quickly...

More Time...lol..SCROLL..Ok here I GO.

No Matter what number you choose, It'll be something Divisble by 9. 59, 81, 63, ETC

If you don't do the trick, and just click the Thing, you'll notice that every number divisble by 9 has the same Icon.

Every number in the Teens will come back as 9, Anything with a 2 infront of it will come back 18, and So on as you go up.....Oh, and It also looks like they threw the same symbol on some random numbers, to throw you off.

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yeah I have an e-mail that does a card trick like that it is really crazy, I've spent alot of free time trying to make it not work!!!

that ones really easy, ill do the scroll thing also hahah

its just takes all the cards you choose from and doesnt put them in the next set. cause you dont focase on the other ones. it puts simalr ones in tho. like kind of clubs insted of king of spades.

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