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This weeks sales as usual

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here's the problem, 50 isn't introducing people to hip-hop as u claim, he's introducing them 2 gnagsta rap. he introducing them 2 a world of his so-called shooting and bullet proof vests. i don't know how 50 cent can influence you to buy LL Cool J, cuz they make music on different ends of the rap spectrum.

i was influenced by Wills music to buy those particular CD's of LL, Dre and Busta. Will and Dr Dre are on completely different ends of the rap spectrum but i like them both. that was the point, will's easy going music got me into the rap thing (back in the 90's when i 5/6yrs, i didnt start buying CD's till i got a job much later-10yrs- so i got into other rap a lot later), from here my interest grew, and slowly i began listening to other mor intellectual artist, aswell as commercial

abou 50 only rapping bout the same thing is the reason why i didn't buy his new album, even though i liked the singles, its all the same. however, he isnt trying to rap about something he isn't, he has glorified it but it isnt lies like other rappers

very good, but did 50 cent influence u 2 check out any hip-hop artists?

and u said he isn't trying 2 rap about something he isn't. well, he raps about drugs, sex, and violence right? according to other people on this board, there have been articles published where 50 says he doesnt drink or smoke because it makes him lose control, yet he raps about it all the time. if these so-called rumors about 50 not ever drinking or taking drugs are true then he is being fake and and is glorifying in lies like other rappers.

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Ludacris has only sold 2 million this time so far, his last album sold 4 million I think, so even his sales are not as high as they once were.

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Finals in.. Will is as expected not in it. We'll have to wait til tomorrow to get the numbers.

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Yeah, I am not expecting Will's sales to be going up until PS is released. I agree that hip-hop fans should be open-minded, I listen to everyone before I decide whether I like them or not. I listened to 50's new album, and it sucked. His first was much better, I was expecting a lot more from this one. You gotta listen to everyone's music before being critical about it.

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