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I wrote this in the course of yesterday and today. It's a take from Dr. Dre's "The Watcher" and turned into what seems to be today's defining view of 'rappers'. I also throw in I myself. Peep it...

© 2005

Verse 1

Thangs just ain't the same for rappers

Signin' contracts to be scripted actors

in their videos wit b****es and platniums

Flows as tight as their faction, don't want nothin to happen

But if it's gotta go down like that

They'll rep dey hood and bust dey gat

The biggest in their spot; listeners addicted to em like crack rocks

They'll murder U lyrically, leave ya ass in a ziplock

Rap has been corporate since '79

Everybody's cookie cut to tell the same grime

I guess it ain't hard to believe

that if it gets money, then U be just like me

Sit, speak, roll over, and make some hits

What's the mutha****in' thanks U get?

A couple cents for every unit U move

Yeah, your really gettin paid for what U love to do


Everywhere that I go, I hear the same old flow

bout what they have and they know, but they just after the dough

When I turn on the TV, I see the same old wack MCs

We need diverser things, I'm sick of one-sided themes

Verse 2

Ain't nothin' wrong wit tryna earn dead presidents

so U can pay bills and rent, afford ya residence

Just try to understand, we can't all be doin' the same

How else do U expect us to 'Change The Game'

I been rappin since late August 2001

Ever since that time, I just been havin' fun

Keep writin til my bones get brittle

and freestyle whenever, until my brain functions little

Misconceptions, thinkin I'm gettin weeded

but I don't need it, to write these rhymes, they can't believe it

I do for flow and show of it

Not the 20+ inch rims that's rollin da whip

I ain't tryna live a lifestyle where I gotta be hard

Everybody's got a choice, that shouldn't be your job

U better recognize and define right

when U feel that rap is ya life


Verse 3

Thangs just ain't the same for rappers

Against one another, they all wanna act up

Get cash stacked up, get b****es f***ed up

Knockin somebody off, they ready to buck buck!

I think it's time for the dice to roll different

Hip hop's gone global, we should get plenty specifics

Like me, I struggle findin' who I am

and all things in the world I try to understand

I observe and give words to my visions

There like motion pictures, but there's no need for admissions

I'll admit, I ain't perfect

but I worked hard, and I ain't worthless

If ya feelin' it cool, if not, that's on U

Just know for a fact, I love what I do

Who took the time to explain the cut?

Signing off, FuQ - The Rapper


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