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San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker rapping in his native French tongue at some type of NBA championship party/rally.  HIGHLY amusing.  I love the others guys' reactions.

I don't understand:I heard him say on TV that he tried to be a good ambassador of France abroad lol

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I'm not exactly sure why I'm posting this.  I guess I just couldn't resist.  :smoked:  But here it is, just a snippet from a weekly links section of a website I read alot, commenting on a link to that AP article with Will's quotes on rappers and their influence, in which the "maybe they think Will ain't hard enough" line off "I wish I Made that" was printed...

"cnn.com – Bear with me, I have to get this off my chest:

Will, I know your heart is in the right place here, but if you're looking for a reason why your album sales are so low, I've got the answer – you're not a talented rapper. You've got an excellent point about the positives of looking up to someone like Mos Def rather than the gangbanger genre, but don't undermine the credibility of your argument by throwing yourself in the mix. Put on any Mos Def track and then follow with any one of your own – it's not even close. Even as an A-list actor, I think you're underappreciated. But as a rapper? Come on, man. Don't be the whiny guy rationalizing why it's someone else's fault that your record sales are low. You're better than that."

Your thoughts?  :hmm:

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the logic of this. Does that mean that 50 and Mike Jones are talented rappers, because their sales numbers are high? Does that mean that Common isn't a talented rapper, because his sales numbers aren't that high. Mos def doesn't do big numbers either... Leave it to CNN to be experts on hip hop too. Come on.

Wills lyrics are usually on point. Listen to anything off of BWS, from Candy to I Yoved You, to even Men in Black. The whole album is lyrically sound, as well is Lost and Found and Willenium. Don't don't even get me started on the JJFP days. No one's gonna hear me say that I go to cnn.com to get my hip hop reviews.

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