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the legend of bagger vance. I have no interest in golf and ive only seen it once. The best part was Wills funny accent and that was about it. Sorry for the off topic it was breaks fault.

Whose fault Julie?? Breaks of BRAKES!!!!! :mad:


oooooooooh crap sorry, thats the worst mistake i could ever make, EVER! And after u gave me that DVD. My excuse is i had done a 12 and a half hour shift and i was in a rush. Now im off topic again. :hijacked:

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Maybe they'll make an announcement on Will's website about when the video'll be released but I won't hold my breath on that, I bet Tim'll find out 1st!

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Wild Wild West, was a decent pop song, got me moving and still does.

Sure its kinda corny but sometimes corn is cool, and back in 99 this was cool

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