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just came back from the cinema

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well.. i watched shrek2.... it sucks but that's not the point.
so... before the movie started i saw the shark tales (is it the name?) trailer... and it look very nice and funny! :afro:

but i have a question..
don't you think it really really really looks like imitation of finding nemo??... i hope it will not be a fake finding nemo... :dancingcool:

and i saw i robot today on tv... it looks very cool! :dancingcool:

:music: :peace: peace :peace: :music:
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I thought waz Shreck 2 waz good...better than the 1st, but i don't think they are good as they are hyped up 2 be....but definitly good movies.

Back 2 SharkTale tho'....i doubt it'll be looked at as a Finding Nemo wannabe. Finding Nemo waz a Disney movie....SharkTale is defintly NOT a Disney movie. SharkTale is aimed for ALL audiences and i think one look at the trailor will let people know it has nothing 2 do with last summer's boring, drawn-out, flaky, kids-aimed Finding Nemo.
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I also loved shrek 2 maybe cuz far far away reminded me of home (Cali) Haha! Also saw the Shark Tale preview and I agree that its not going to be anything like Finding Nemo. It looks great and my kids cant wait to see Will as a fish!
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