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Will Smith in Concert DVD

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Ok guys here’s the deal.

I managed to get hold of the Will Smith Live in Concert DVD featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff. It is in region 1 format and will only play in a compatible player i.e. USA. I have the facilities to copy and convert my DVD so that it will play on a DVD player in your country. Hence, making it available to you guys.

With all the copies that I do I will provide all the artwork and DVD disc cover including a DVD case. It will be as if you have the real thing. It will have all the fully functional menus identical to the original.

The price for this DVD is £10 incl postage and packaging for those who live in the UK and £12 for those I’d have to send abroad.

I was also lucky enough to obtain 2 additional copies of the DVD. These are originals and if anyone wants it, they’re going for £15 postage and packaging included. Remember that these two additional copies are Region 1 and will only play in a compatible players. Its first come first serve with those two so the first two people who says they want them…….its theirs!

So far, the people I have that want a copy are:

1. Jazzy Julie

2. Double D

3. KevTastic

4. FreshPrincess

5. willstockley

6. MC-Bad Boy

7. Fan 4ever

8. Bigwillfan

9. Sonic1988

Anybody else interested?? I accept paypal as a method of payment. Just send it to dabrakes@hotmail.com

If you can’t pay by paypal just let me know and we’ll work something out!

Oh, also I won’t be converting these until the end of the week.

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at the mo i'm gonna have to back out, cashflow probs :thatsux: ....but thanks anyway Brakes. I might be able to get it in a couple of weeks if it'll still be available tho. :wiggle:

No problem! Just let me know when you have the money!

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