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Hitch Dance Relation


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Did anybody else notice that in hitch when will is teaching the man to dance, he says lines he says in 'if you cant dance'? such as women compare dancing to sex. and he also says dont bite your lip...i could be overlooking this but it was just an observation. i had something elese to say but i forgot.

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Yeah I wonder that myself. :smart: I mean Will is the producer of Hitch. That might be his input in that scene. And then l8r wrote a song about it. Or like Sonic 1988 said He knew that song was gonna be on his album n drop in a few lines from it into the scene. Cos I remember the director of Hitch was saying that him n Will had a lot of disagreements about what 2 put in the film n changes. But he said when ever they agreed on sumthing it was gr8. After reading all this now I'm curious even more when did he write that song hmmmm :hmm:

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