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yo im running the next freestyle battle... this next one will be teams of two.. so you got just over a week to find a potna and enter..just reply to this post if you wanna be in the battle.. if u havent got some1 2 team up with str8 away just say so in your reply and ppl can see and perhaps join you

this battle begins on the 16th of June :2thumbs:

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I AM OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP, SANS PARTNER. If you would like to be my partner and therefor win this contest, please send the following request form to scyhigh99@yahoo.com...

User Name:

First Name:

Where You're From:

Favorite Clickable Smileys:

Why You're Worthy:

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when do your exams finish? im tryin to schedule it for when every1 is on their break

I'm done June 23...but just let the battle go on man! It's not that bad! I will join in the next battle! :2thumbs:

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