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Blender Mag Scans(Will Interview)

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i read it by pressing a thing in the corner of the picture that makes it bigger. i think that is a really really good interview. i think if people read that they would respect will more.

(400th post :Party_fest09:)

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im just like will!!! im a light weight! I think the sexiest person ever! Im black (well, i aint but i go to TanFastic alot) and im goin to be famous.. if you want my autograph send a stamped addressed envelope with a five pound note in it. I do not accept Euros or dollas, english currency only please.

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coldplay is on the cover its the june issue


Coldplay are amazing i can't wait to get their new album monday !!

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lol thanx, Wills a lightweight haha!

I should have know it would be julie who would pick up on any alcohol mentioned in the interview :fly:

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