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My Upcoming Music project...


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Not sure fi this belongs here, or Numero Uno, considering I don't rap. If this is out of place here, Then If i could get a mod to move it, that'd be nice :2thumbs:

Not tryin' to spam, just gotta create some hype :)

Blend in Blend Out, THE MIXTAPE



2 Exclusive Tracks up. opinions? Comments? questions? all would be appreciated. Thanks. :jazzy:

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.. probably u want 2 show everybody how dope ur equipment is.. I would prefer some artwork 4 a cover.. just by the way: where are the differences between this cd turntable n vinyl? Would be cool if u could give me some advantages.. I mean, I don't have da money 4 this stuff n I don't think dat it beatz vinyl.. but can u give us a short review, vipa???

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Well it really depends on who you are. some people love the feel of vinyl, while some really don't care. Essentially, more people will tell you Vinyl is the way to go. CD Turntables will run you up a nice dollar ammount, though.

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