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where the day takes you


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what where the day takes you supposed to be a hood movie or something???

I never saw it.

It ain't no hood movie at all! It's about teenagers that live on the streets and are addicted to drugs! It's a dark movie! Like Julie says...Will has a small part!

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erm its not really a "Will Smith" movie, the most entertaining thing about it is seeing Will with no legs.

I watched it when i was really bored, i probably wouldnt go out of my way to watch it, thats why ive only seen it that 1 time. i do plan to watch it again some time tho. So my verdict is yeah watch it but dont like cancel any plans for it or anything.

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Yo this movie has a great storyline and cast, but it wasnt really my style of movie. He has like a five minute part if im generious. I must say I could watch it for all the young talent that was waiting to blossom in the movie, but the whole drug, prostitution gig isnt what I like to see in a movie. With that said it does send out a good message to this generation of children. Because I wouldnt want to end up like some of them kids in that movie.

Oh and, Will with no legs, I wonder how Loveless would feel about that :lolsign:

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Where the Day Takes You is a good movie in my opinion. kids sniffin up drugs and sellin their bodies, sounds like what u find in the average rap song. The part I remember the most about the movie was te part where a teenage kid was sittin with a older man who was gay and the guy kept askin him if he ever had sex with men. how far you'd go just to survive you know. The same guy is addicted to drugs and uses up all his money to get some, its just really said. Will's part was small, he didnt show up after the first 15 minues or so but i enjoyed it.

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