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  1. Independance Day "Jarra, you are under arrest for being that ugly, and for making that many copies!"
  2. Now we all know about Pursuit of Happyness being next but what does the future hold. Pursuit of Happyness The Pursuit of Happiness stars Will Smith in the real-life story of Chris Gardner. Despite being homeless at the age of 30, Gardner pursued his goal of becoming an investment banker. He eventually rose through the ranks of some the biggest financial companies including Dean Witter and Bear Stearns, and became owner and partner of a Chicago brokerage house for minorities. Steve Conrad scripts the Sony film. Here are some projects that Will Smith and his management are considering making!! Time Share Nicolas Cage (of the upcoming "Ghost Rider" movie) and Will Smith (one of the most reliable box office stars) have teamed up for the comedy movie, "Time Share," for Columbia Pictures. Smith and Cage will play dads who square off after they find out they've both been booked into the same time share for the same time period. Mark Steilan pitched the script and Columbia Pictures liked what they heard. The movie will be produced by Cage, Smith, Norm Golightly, James Lassiter, John J Strauss, and Eric Tannenbaum. Affirmative Action Ben Affleck and Will Smith will buddy up in the action-comedy Affirmative Action set in New Orleans. When a black soldier goes A.W.O.L. after committing a crime, a South Boston cop and a FBI agent who don't share the same racial views are teamed to find him. Affirmative Action was written by Jeffrey Abrams and is currently in development at Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Buena Vista will distribute the picture. Tonight He Comes Director Jonathan Mostow will helm the superhero drama Tonight, He Comes starring Will Smith. The story revolves around the friendship between a disturbed youth and a fallen superhero. Vincent Ngo scripted the film produced by Akiva Goldman through Weed Road Productions. The Mark Smith will star as an everyman who discovers a strange mark has transferred to his body from the corpse of a Confederate soldier. Although the mark grants him special powers, he also struggles with the impulse to use it for evil purposes.Smith is going to making the movie through his production company and Nickelodeon Movies, who are to develop it later into a TV series. Pursuit Will Smith will produce alongside James Lassiter and may star in Pursuit, which tells the story of a murderer and the contract killer hired by the parents of one of his victims to avenge their loss. Damn spelt Rumoured wrong. I dont know how the R and the P are on different sides of the keyboard. :lolsign:
  3. 1) I, Robot 2) Bad Boys 1 and 2 3) Ali 4) Independance Day 5) Enemy of The State
  4. Yo the special effect are dope, but the last verse is the most important in the song and the scene didnt really play the purpose of the verse. I do however think it is his best so effort. I seriously cant get enough of this video!! Oh, and a rapper line dancing, it actually works well. :lolsign:
  5. :word: Thanx Tim!! I had trouble viewing it on AOL so this was a huge help. Plus we can also see it on full screen now, so it is appreciated :2thumbs:
  6. Yeah I did hear about that some time ago. It sounds like a good storyline. You can see the trailer for it on this link: Information on Saving Face: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&cf=info&id=1808624633. Will is also executive producing a movie that stars Duane Matrin and Kelly Rowland called the Seat Filler. Information of Seat Filler: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379487/
  7. :sorry: The above quote was created by me. Sorry wasnt signed in properly :sorry:
  8. Nah, that just some Jeff wannabe. I remember reading somewhere that he would be in it but I guess not. The video is dope as it is but if Jeff was in it it would of been better. But not taking anything away from the video because in my opinion it is his best sole video. It would just of been nice to see Jeff in there to answer all the questions that haters drop about are they still together. :worried: Oh well still a dope video. Without Jeff there no wonder Will had to scratch :lolsign:
  9. Gotta be the Will Smith VS DMX Kon-Tempt Remix for me :2thumbs: I love the whole underground vibe it is sending. I still prefer the original track but remixes arent really my thing, but to choose one it would be the one selected. To the creator "Good Work Dawg". :2thumbs:
  10. Wow, 15 years already since the pilot. Next year on 20th May is also the 10th anniversary since the show ended. I'm thinking maybe a reunion show can be created for the celebration of the shows success. Cant wait to see if any developments will happen towards it. But we dont really need one. The show still keeps me content and will do for years to come. :2thumbs:
  11. Yo, it doesnt come out in the UK until 21st November but I can guarantee first day I will get it :2thumbs: The earlier seasons of the Fresh Prince are the better ones in my opinion. It was the time in the show when the concept of the show was "Fresh". In the seasons after about the third the original storyline went out of the window slightly. Still funny as hell though. :thumbsup:
  12. Yeah the cast is really coming together now. Thandie Newton is an upcoming actress in the UK, Jaden had to audition for the role so he must of impressed, and now Homer. I can see this being a good movie. I prefer the more serious roles and hope to see maybe an Oscar nomination of maybe even the Oscar. Casting is the key and a good start has been made, I hope there are still many in "Pursuit" of a role. :2thumbs:
  13. Interscope definatley have some trust in his lyrical ability, but they havent been the best at trying to get his new stuff heard. Sony however gave him the solo identity and let him branch into the artist that Interscope have now. When Will and Sony dropped Big Willie Style that wiped every other rapper of the circuit. They are two contrasting companies that approach music in a different way. I agree the promotion could be better for Lost & Found because if I didnt have the internet I wouldnt of known it was out. Party Starter is a dope video and has actually changed my opinion on my favourite. It must of cost but I dont think it will bother them after seeing the final product. Party Starter could be huge if they get the right promotion going.
  14. Lost & Found is my favourite of the year!! But in my mind the only album that compares to it is The Essential Michael Jaskson!! Dont know if compilation albums count!! :worried:
  15. Dope video. One of his best!! :2thumbs: Definatley worth the long wait. Patience is a vertue!!
  16. :mygod: December, damn that long huh? I have read on websites that it is coming out in March, July and now December. To tell you the truth I dont know what to believe. I guess we will have to wait and see what the future brings. :worried:
  17. I think he may of meant "Lazy" as in the term of anyone actually trying to heal the suffering. I think he means people look as if they are trying to help but in reality they do the smallest possible. Maybe he uses the lyric "Lazy" as a lack of approach to the situation. Just a thought, or it could just be for the rhyme :interesting:
  18. Im not 100% sure but I think it is a reference to the less fortunate people in the third world countries. The reason I say this is because one of there main substance for living is rice. I think what Will is trying to say is we have got more stores in America or rich countries, than the third world countries have got grains of rice.
  19. That movie had a good storyline and had a good overall feeling to the movie. The 10 minute cameo appearance made the movie top notch. And as Julie said it is kind of based around him. I remember reading on some Kevin Smith site that the role was originally offered to Bruce Willis. I guess it wouldnt of been the same theme if Will hadnt been in it. But if anyone hasnt seen it, if you can grab a copy do so!! :2thumbs:
  20. Yo dope background, ya got skillz. :2thumbs:
  21. Yo this movie has a great storyline and cast, but it wasnt really my style of movie. He has like a five minute part if im generious. I must say I could watch it for all the young talent that was waiting to blossom in the movie, but the whole drug, prostitution gig isnt what I like to see in a movie. With that said it does send out a good message to this generation of children. Because I wouldnt want to end up like some of them kids in that movie. Oh and, Will with no legs, I wonder how Loveless would feel about that :lolsign:
  22. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion!! I think it is gonna be great, I prefer these more serious roles. I believe it brings out the man behind the actor and we can see his true colours and his true concentrated acting ability. I must say that critics will stir things up about Jaden being in the movie, but I can really see Jaden walk in his fathers foot steps. I see from the blog that he did have to audition so he obviously earned it. To critics, I think they will both "Wave Em Off".
  23. Absolutley, he stole every scene he appeared in. His character seemed to be the more sophisticated version of the Fresh Prince. But for not a very big role he was the star of the show. Great movie, I can watch it all the time. Great comedy debut in a movie. Along with the Fresh Prince it layed the foundation for further roles like Bad Boys and Men In Black
  24. Yeah maybe your right. I guess the director has an influence on the way the person approaches the role and the scene. But as you said it was all up and down and they never seemed comfortable with what they were doing. I, Robot however seemed to click immediatley. They werent huge Hollywood superstars (Excluding Will) but the onscreen chemisrty was there. As I said though serious roles are what I like to see him in more so maybe I am more critical about them. But the casting looks good for Pursuit of Happyness and hopefully it will bring out the best of everyones talents.
  25. Yo, Pursuit of Happyness is gonna be dope. I prefer to see Will in these more serious roles. Although he obviously gives 100% in every role the more serious dramatic roles is when his true acting abitity come out. But with that said of course you need the right cast members around you. Its like Ali the only members of the cast that seemed dedictaed to their roles and the importance of their roles were Will and Jamie Foxx. Dont get me wrong Ali was dope but if they had the right dedication from every one it could of been much better. But Pursuit of Happyness has had a good start with the casting so far. I guess we will have to wait and see if they can click on set.
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