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you know how when you rip a CD, the Folder on your computer can have a thumbnail of the album cover on it? where does windows get that from?

for some reason, Th Roots have an e-40 cover, John Legend Has some chick i never heard of, and my instrumental folder switches from time to time (IOnce it was some big band aritst, then it was The cover for the magnificent, then big willie style, then some other stuff)...

Just outa curiosity so i can fix em all myself.

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hmm i think it gets the covers from music.msn.com cuz that's where it takes u when u click "Music" on the upper right hand corner of Windows Media Player. however, i think on ur music folders u can do custom album covers by right clicking and then editing the folder options.

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Thanks. Yea, but my instrumentals aren't from CDs. they're from all over the net, and it gets a random image all the time..strange.

yeah i know what u mean. i will download stuff from the net, then when i play it in Windows Media Player, it automatically looks up the CD cover based on the information in the ID3 tags. however, i've never had problems with it finding the wrong covers!

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