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FuQ - Someone Got The 4-1-1?


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What's up everybody? This is for one of the songs I'm puttin' on my album. I only got 2 verses right now, but figured I'd let people see how it is so far. I didn't ahve a chorus really until I started practice the verses as I was writing. So I figured I'd stick wit it.

FuQ - 2005 ©

A lot can go down, from my part of town

Whisper or they screamin' out, word gets around

I heard ya shorty got a plan, to be wit another man

Do more than hold hands, layin back on Cancun sands

Makes me wonder where she got money cuz she ain't got a job

Barely been wit her new hook-up to get a nice payoff

Did U give in, let her win, let her live her life anew

I guess no moral knowledge advice came from homies in ya crew

Tellin U the truth of what U should do

so U don't hit the roof, if boo is steppin' out on U

Seen her the other day, passin' round my way

Askin' "What's wrong wit him?" and "Will he be ok?"

I didn't know, I let that topic go and disappear

But what I heard b4 was clear cuz I kept an open ear

So how U gonna go bout it? Try 2 catch her

Talk it over and forgive her, or say "F*** it" and forget her

U should scrutinize and try 2 realize

She in it to use guys, take what they got and cause demise

Minds in a better world cuz our mistakes was dumb

Pass it on cuz we teammates wit this 4-1-1


Someone gotta have the 4-1-1

the information I need to get my problems done

and outta the way

Tell me whatcha heard, what did they say?

I barely kept in touch wit a best friend

Outta mind, then I hear of racial debatin' and that's invitin' her in again

At our lunch table, I couldn't stay stable

Kept from speakin what I'm thinkin, that b-i-t-c-h label

Hate fake friends cuz they was overlookin the fact

She said "All I said was I don't like black guys all like that"

Kept pressurin' the issue, better hope that they don't get U

Admire our culture and they be like vultures tryna pick thru

Remember one time, when U said n****z on the phone

Ya explanation, I wasn't takin', wish U left it alone

Always screamin to get ya point across like ya da boss

Not even necessary, I try to be humble and treat ya fairly

But it's a rarity to see a good end

Depend on the like the last link of a chain, a lost gain

Breat it into dust, desinagrate, no us

Go to ya other boys for that ugly lust

I stick stance, no game of chance

Split ways, it's ok, cuz I'll still advance

Never puffin'; so memories that I got..

become nothin, I ain't sufferin'

I'm a go wit a flow that's cool

Dueling wit da world when I'm outta high school

Playin games, no fun wit the wrong one

Got it before it's too late, that 4-1-1


3rd Verse (???)

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That's probably one of the best I saw from u, it's great the way it is, you don't need another verse, great job! :thumb:

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Hey y'all. I finished the 3rd verse tonight. Check it out...

Verse 3

Nonstop wit the drop, lemme put knowledge on ya ear

So ya know what's fact and fiction when ya hear

Just cuz they run their mouf off, talkin' like they ain't soft

Easily strip their game of bull****, make em take it off

And just cuz some R on da prowl to get information

Don't mean it's good cuz they wanna cause instigation

So severe, settin' up homeboys, checkin up on ex's

The 4-1-1, always out there, an inescapable exit

Both the young & old, got stories they feel need told

Might cost a pretty penny to keep the source's mouf closed

There's something that I can't figure out

Some kids wonda why the info stays out, but they ain't shuttin' their mouf

about the, unstable girl that had her boyfriend leave her

then they spot him wit that blonde, and call him a cheater

or the high school drop-outs, wait til the last minute decision

Thought it was too hard or didn't put the work in to finish

or hos names on the wall, all the guys can call

or vice-versa wit the playaz, honeys can get theirs

Always commotion on the stairs, when friends passin'

"What's goin' on?" they're always askin'

Might suspect wrong and be hypocritical

Or be right on the money, and get em back for what they did to U

Real dangerous and ya can't be dumb

when people got sources wit the 4-1-1

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Real talk right there, you just keep gettin' better and better! :afro:

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