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Switch isnt going anywhere fast

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ouch! ok stop the celebrations. Lost and found fell to number 38 from 25.

Why is switch doing so well yet lost and found isnt?

This is a very good question. There is a similar trend worldwide. Why is Lost and Found relatively low on the charts whereas Switch has been high on the charts in many countries. It may take another single to get people really talking about the album overseas. Who knows at this point. It's even likely that people have associated Switch with Hitch and not with Lost and Found. We'll see how sales progress during the coming weeks.

I think it is for it not creating a big buzz yet. Yes it's incredible that it is selling so much, but the song isn't something that makes you wanna go deeper into an artist. that could be cured with tell me why or partystarter.

It'll all be better when those songs come out.

Yeah I think and hope so, too! I want Will to release Tell Me Why so bad!!! Come on Will, don't let ur album drop, do somethin'! :poke:

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It's even likely that people have associated Switch with Hitch and not with Lost and Found.

That is so damn true. I also felt when the title of Switch was revealed that it might have something to do with the movie Hitch. I guess many people would have considered that possibility.

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signs by snoop dogg..i cant believe switch hasnt gone gold yet its been high in the charts for ages..it must go gold next week!

But Signs by Snoop is somehow really great, I mean I like Snoop but not JT! But this song sounds really dope, it is cool!!! Of course Switch deserved the number one more tho'! :thumb:

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Yeah I was just listening to the chart, I'm just glad it's still in the top 10. It was a really unlucky time to release Switch with Amarillo released the week before, apart from that it's done better than everything else released close to it :thumb:

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