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Semi Final bigted vs Scnazz

Da Brakes

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I'm about to make my move, no use holdin' back

When you think I'm gonna shoot, I take it to the glass

You're about to lose, so it's better for you to pass

Then the interceptions will conclude towards what you lack

This is the route to choose, so you're fallin' off track

If the producer throws you a groove, you'll stall on the track

I'm steppin' to improve, so you're no use Scnazz

I'm gonna keep my cool I ain't gettin' mad

I resemble my idol when I could be a "Mr. Nice Guy" when I rap

That's why the girls want me to go between their thighs since I attract

And there's no use for you winnin' I'm gonna get to relax

Like Uncle L I'm gonna be "loungin'" back

Until the next opponent comes to attack

I also suggest that you go take a bath

Since your stench smells like grapes gone bad

In this tournament I excel to dominate the pack

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Well that was nice Ted, your rhyming is always quaint

But your soul has fled, taken off by the Hip-hop Saint

Now you're flow's alright, about the best that you could be

But this is a fight, in battle please shoot at me

Folks take it easy, I understand your need to hurl

Ya'll must be queasy, after hearen that Jersey Girl

But take a quick breath, and get ready to just erupt

Cuz like crystal meth, I'll be haven you all hyped up

Rhythmatically gifted, I produce the prettiest prose

Hypnotically lifted, the crowd will continue their crows

Homer'd have my back, if I had lived in ancient Greece

I'd ride with Kerouac, had his life refused to cease

Rappers are the same, scared of these dexterous rhymes

Bago rigged the game, and Sci used extraneous lines

So Ted what's your scheme, how do ya intend to end my streak

Cuz the folks will deem, you're sports analogies way too weak

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Hey you did a great job too, good luck! :afro:

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