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Weakest JJFP Album?

Weakest JJFP Album?  

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  1. 1. Weakest JJFP Album?

    • He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper
    • And In This Corner...
    • Homebase
    • Code Red
    • Rock The House

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See I have to disagree with most of you because I think that Code Red is the weakest. I'll explain, It starts with a remake of "As We Go" sort of. Then its just loaded down with party tracks that are an inch deep and a mile wide. True they have nice beats but they are truely lacking great lyrics. The only solid tracks are Shadow Dreams and No Place Like Home and neither are tracks that I HAVE to listen to. I havent really fallin for this disk at 3 diffrent times in my life and to me that says alot. The only song that I truely like to listen to all the time is "I Cant Wait To Be With You" and its not even in my top 20 tracks of all times. :sorry:

How many times you listened to Code Red? Just Party Tracks? What is Twinkle Twinkle(I'm not a star) Shadow Dreams Aint No Place Like Home Just Kickin It Cant Wait To Be With You?? I think it is one of the best party rap albums ..scratch that I think its the best party rap album of all time.. BUT its brilliance is that you can throw it on at a party but it has an equal amount of deep and solid tracks like the ones I just mentioned.. Twinkle Twinkle is one of jazzy jeff fresh prince's best tracks ever...

I have listened to it a total of 12 times all the way through. You made my point for me about the party tracks. We will simply have to agree to disagree on this one. I started listening to rap in 81 and have seen his career since the start. Back in 87' everything they were doing was cutting edge. Someone mentioned that the lyrics were simple. Not if you put them in context of what was out at the time. Other then Rakim most rap songs didnt have as many lyrics as what you see now-a-days. Listen to Run DMC sometime and LL's Radio CD those were simple lyrics. Some of the combinations were magic and he flowed like few did or do these days. Code Red to me seemed thrown together at the last minute but thats only my opinion. I'm glad to see that so many liked it. Thats the greatness about JJ & FP they created music for themselves and if others liked it cool. :thumbsup:

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Its And In This Corner for me because there are no real songs for me to bob my head to. I like Beat Mike Tyson, I think She Bit is funny and I like parts of other songs but there are no real soul searching or party type songs here.

I think the reverend and jazzys groove are good party tracks

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