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this is from a 2pac website www.thuglifearmy.com

sry if someone already posted this dont get mad (dont be haten) lol jk

Hip-hop rap artist and actor Will Smith released his new album ‘Lost and Found’ this week. Love him or hate him; this is a must album. The former ‘Fresh Prince’ shows he still is very fresh. The beats are original and Will Smith’s flow is tight and mature. The track ‘Lost and Found’ (also the album title) is a very truthful and straight at ya type track. If you don’t agree with what Will Smith has to say, then you must be brainwashed. This is one needed CD for rap and hip-hop.

Even though ‘Lost and Found’ was released on Interscope, it is a CD worth a look and a buy. As a matter of fact I bought this CD to review; since Interscopes’ online rep has ‘issues’ with a lot of on line media and pretty much leaves us out in the cold.

From the outset with ‘Here He Comes’ ya get a taste of something fresh. There is something for everybody on this record.

Club bangers like ‘Switch’, ‘Pump Ya Brakes’ feat. Snoop, ‘If U Can’t Dance [slide] were definitely made for the ladies.

While tracks like ‘I Wish I Made That’ / Swagga, Mr. Niceguy, ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘Tell Me Why’ are tracks that needed to be cut and give you some substance and something to think about.

The last track ‘Switch…R&B Remix’ feat. Robin Thicke shows great versatility in Will Smith’s music. It really may be better than the original club banger ‘Switch’.

With fresh beats and great production this album is sure to be a stand out. The album contains 15 tracks and there really isn’t a bad track there. They are all fresh and a real change from what we are being 'spoon' feed lately.

On a scale of 1-10, ‘Lost and Found’ by Will Smith gets a 9. The only thing keeping it from a 10 is that it was released on Interscope. The album is out and be sure to check it out and buy it – don’t download it. Show support for the artist.

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:werd: 2Pac fans know what real hip-hop is(at least not the bandwagon ones), they appreciate the work that FP has put in here, and if 2Pac was alive he'd appreciate it too 'cause he liked FP too.

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