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wanna be a potna?


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Yeah I know, I got it on eBay for 30 Euros... very expensive, but I just wanted to have it nahmean?! ^^ Sometimes a man should just do what he has to do... or sumthin' like that! lol

Yeah i mean if you see it and feels that you want to buy it, you should, and you did! Dont fight the feeling!

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To prove that I made these pics and that I own these discs I tagged a piece of paper. I´d be proud to be a potna!

My Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince albums


My Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Singles


My other JJFP related albums and compilations


My Will Smith Singles


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I got Freakin It twice because I could find the copy i owned so i bought another one and found the older copy in my room. Gettin Jiggy Wit It is the normal single and the second one is the promo version where the mama say mama sa sample is in and not cut out. I´m looking for the one... are 2 different versions.

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