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Fav Track on Lost and Found?


What's your favorite track on Lost and Found?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite track on Lost and Found?

    • Here He Comes
    • Party Starter
    • Switch
    • Mr Niceguy
    • Ms. Holy Roller
    • Lost & Found
    • Tell Me Why
    • I Wish I Made That
    • Swagga
    • Pump Ya Brakes
    • If U Cant Dance
    • Could U Love Me
    • Loretta
    • Wave Em off
    • Scary Story
    • Switch ...RNB Remix
    • Coming To The Stage
    • We Wont
    • Switch..Elephant Man Remix

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not so sure about my favourite, but my favourites after a few months are Lost and Found, Ms Holy Roller, Coming to the Stage, Tell Me Why, I Wish I Made That and of course Party Starter, (sorry for long list, i just cant pick a favourite....)

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I have to go with "Lost & Found" because I have been waiting for someone to say this for at least the last 10 years. It's funny, I started listening to Hip Hop again because of Eminem because at least he wasnt spittin the same garbage as everyone else. These new guys are just rehashing the same stuff NWA and Geto Boys were doin back in the day. The only difference is the beats. When Will said,"You dont even believe what you say no more." is so true. I'm sure 50 isnt still livin in the hood or bangin for that matter. His staying power is limited because he's miles wide and only inches deep. :rockon:

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100%-my favorite song is Tell Me Why. It's so different from all of the other songs. It shows great emotion and its not a typical rap piece like you're used to hearing today.

Exactly, I share the same with u!!!

Tell Me Why was my favorite then, now it's still my favorite and it's always gonna stay my favorite song of L&F! :thumbsup:

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To be honest the whole album is great. IMO it challenges BWS as his best solo. I put this cd on and let it play through all the tracks. It's a more hardcore side of Will. He seems really pissed off and I just love his agressive flow. I agree Tim Ms Holy Roller is a beast. I like when he starts the bridge - "Where was Jesus..." And he keeps firing line after line in a real angry tone.

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