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I got an e-mail from Play.com today sayin that my order: Lost and Found, has been posted!!!!

I'm so excited, when this happened with the FPOBA DVD i ended up recieving it on the saturday so fingers crossed!! I wasn't gonna order it off the net cuz i wanted to go and buy it in a shop but we're gonna have family round monday and i couldn't stand the thought of not beng able to get it!! At least this way it was kinda out of my hands once i'd ordered it. Anywayz, i just wanted to share my excitement with my fellow JJFP peeps! :angel:

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being bank holiday tomorrow might mess up the delivery though

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I ordered a copy off amazon last night, because I realised if I can't get it on monday I'd have to go out and get it on tuesday... I'd rather just pick it up from near the letterbox! Anyway, it got dispatched first-class today so I suppose it's possible I could get it tomoro (saturday). Of course if it doesn't come tomoro I'll have to try and buy a copy on monday which would mean I had two when my other comes on tuesday! make sense? :kekeke:

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