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what's up with will...

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The US release for I, Robot is July...the album has been in works 4 ever but Will told and inside source that he thinks that the music industry is so messed up right now that it's not ready 4 him right now. We can't 4get the Sharkslayer/Sharktale movie and soundtrack on it's way.
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Guest Prince
Cool to see you posting rockthehouse!

There's been quite a bit of news and rumours. I'm not totally up to speed on this either though, there's a big gap in my knowledge lasting from like September last year until recently.

At first Will's album was meant to come out this summer I think, and there's been rumours of an internet only release but I can't see that happening. Still no news on whether he's signed to anywhere yet, but I have a feeling it'll be late this year or early next year before we begin to see a new album. Edited by Prince
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man, I don't care about the movies that are coming out by him.
I just want this album to come out.It's getting annoying now.
It's gonna come in the summer, maybey late 2003 or early 2004.

that's pissing me off.I just want it to come out b4 my birth day so it can be played.
Is it gonna come out next year now? You think
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Nah, a summer release probably won't happen...it's already May and there's been no promotion, Will's not on a label, etc...the music industry has been weird 4 years now tho', Will's probably saying that 2 delay the release cuz of how busy he is right now. I think he wants everything 2 get out of the way (I,Robot + Shark Tale and their soundtrax) before he makes his big release.

I predict a late 2004 release. I hope we get this album sooner tho'...preferably sometime in August - October.
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FP won't release an album unless he feels the time is right. In a 1997 interview (with some magazine...Source or US i think), he makes a comment something like "i've been ready to record this album for years but the time wasn't right until now"...basically saying he waz ready 2 come out 4 awhile but with the murders of 2pac and Biggie and Hip-Hop being ready 4 some fun again, he felt it waz time 2 grace Hip-Hop with that Fresh Prince style it waz missing for so many years.
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