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biters biters biters!

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damn man this site has gotten bitten so hard lately..peoples idea of breaking Will news..visit this site..copy material in site, paste material with no link or reference to this site.. visit this site write article based on this site publish article with no reference to site or source material..man its happened so much its really startin to get to me :scope: :chuks: all i ask is for a little credit..because that means more people would visit the site which means building a bigger community of will smith fans!

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I wouldn't hold your breath. People are gonna put out what they read. They could care less where they get it from. One think 2 think about tho.' If people are jackin' newz from the main boards here at the top, maybe we need not put those trashy tabloid articles up there...cuz they'll spread faster in a big way. Maybe we should put them on the lower boards and newz biters most likely won't go down 2. It's not cool after his string of hit movies and a new album on the horizon, but all the newz we read is about him kissing Eva while promoting Hitch, which conveniently is happening at the same time tabloids are saying that FP and Jada sleep around on each other.

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Maybe U should put the news and stuff in hidden addresses/hyperlinks. But let only members and especially potnas now what's going down wit Will. And in the original news section, have something like

"Due to numerous accounts of unauthorized permission to copy our website's news/updates, it will no longer be available without personal contact and credit given to original source."

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lol..I agree.. That site is crazy...Every one there only talks about how hot Will Smith is...what is that about?...I hardly ever go there anymore. The site hardly has anything about Will...just his body!!!.. DAMN. I get sick of reading about that. Such immature conversation takes place.This site is definately a step up from that one. This is where I will continue to come. I will still go there every now and then but not as much anymore. Thank goodness for this site.

Now I have a question...is Will Smith touring in Fla too? If so where if anyone knows. :poke:

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They should just buy out Tim's site and make it the official website of Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince. It's very professional and already an establish true member fanbase over here. Plus its been online for 10 years runnin' and we know the real deal.

Thats what happens with all artist offical sites though. It gains tons of garbage from bandwagon fans who just feel the latest hit. Like "Black Suits Comin" was rated the best track on Born to Reign on the old willsmith.net poll. The 2nd best track as voted "by the fans" was the Nod Ya Head remix. Absolutely pathetic.

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:ditto: I can guarantee that the vast majority of them hadn't even heard the album.

The problem I would have in making this site 'official' is that I reckon we would get a lot of 'those' fans over here spamming up the board. Its come to the point now where I don't even go ove to the official site coz its not worth my time! i just don't want this site to turn out like that!

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