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It's been 2 years since we've lost Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (April 25, 2002). I just wanted 2 give props 2 Left Eye for the strong, intellectual, and humerous voice that she gave 2 Hip-Hop. She truly is unlike any other female emcee and her words stand the test of tyme unlike most lyrics from other artists.

Her family is focusing on releasing her solo album "Supernova" 2 the US, where it waz never released and TLC's greatest hits album "Now + Forever" is on it's way. It's been released with no promotion overseas and since Arista Records have closed down, the already under-promoted and already bumped back album is aimed 2 be released indefinitly in the US.

TLC has impacted my life in big ways over the past 10 years and i just wanted 2 show love 4 my girls. Anybody who wants 2 remember her should head over 2 www.CyberTLCWorld.net
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I got the TLC "Now + Forever" DVD that hasn't (and may never be released) in the US. There is an unathorized DVD out there called something like "Lisa 'LEFT EYE' Lopes: CraZySeXyCOol" but i doubt i'll get it until i find it really really cheap. If it waz official, then i'd already have it.
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Like 2Pac,Biggie,Big Pun, and Jam Master Jay, Left Eye died too soon! :tear: Hip-hop would be much better right now if they were all still here with us but they're probably all entertaining God right now! :rock: :dj: :grouphug:
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i got the supernova CD, its really good, she even does a song with 2pac which is weirdand there is a song about death at the end. I didnt even hear when it came out in the UK, thats how bad the promotion was!

I cant believe its been 2 years, i remmember i was so upset when she died and my friends where like "who is she", then she only got 2 page 30 or something in the paper. Ppl forget too easily, its true what u said big ted she died too soon and could have made an even bigger impact on hip hop. :peace:
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Yes, Lisa will always be missed dearly. Cute self. Just in case any of the newer fans haven't seen, but I did a portrait of her (posted it on the old board...) , that was presented to Ian Burke of ASCAP, at an event in Atlanta...on behalf of her mother, Wanda Lopes...

Here is another pic that I wanted to post for any of the other fans that didn't get to see it... nothing special, but I totally enjoyed drawing her pic. Its almost as if I felt her energy... Thas my baby~gurL... :angel:

[font="Optima"][color=red]Ian Burke talking about his friendship with Lisa...
and how her passing touched him... [/color][/font][img]http://www.soflyy-designs.com/agbook3/public/img-1072970517.jpg[/img]

[font="Optima"][color=red]Closeup of portrait of Lisa Left Eye Lopes...
Rest In Peace Baby~GurL... [/color][/font]:tear:

3Cookies[/color][/font] Edited by 3cookies
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]ThanX alot,...and ur welcome TheFre$hPrince...

She did die early, and I honestly am proud of all the accomplishlments she has left in her legacy of a memory for her family, fans and close friends...

There's not very many people like Aaliyah and Lisa that have accomplished as much as they have, and passed away at such a young age...which in my opinion,...makes their star shine even more brightly in my eyes...

3cookies [/color][/font]
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Well, 2day marks 6 years. Instead of starting a new post, i just figured i'd bring this one back. As quiet as things have been, TLC is busy doing their own thing. T-Boz has started working on a solo album. A lil' bit ago she made an appearance on the last Youngbloodz album (ugh) and has continued running her children's clothing line/store Chase's Closet and doing work with Sickle Cell. Chilli has started a hand bag company and has been working on a solo album for nearly 2 years. The song "Game Proof" featuring T-Boz waz leaked awhile ago (which she originally wanted 2 release as a single/video). Other songs like Glidin,' Dumb Dumb Dumb, and Straight Jack have also been leaked but they don't set the standard that TLC set. They are still fun songs but with the dirty south influence, the sound kinda like something Ciara might do. She isn't gonna sign with Konvict anymore but says she has a very good option or 2 with who she will sign with. She says she's about about killing downloads and bringing back "the album" along with a string of singles instead of 1 or 2. Left Eye's sister has stopped working on her solo album (years in the making) 2 focus on a new Left Eye album that will be released with the Left Eye documentary VH-1 aired. No news of it will be Supernova reworked, unreleased stuff, or (God forbid) doctored stuff. Left Eye's family doesn't like working with other people/companies which has lead 2 many projects beeing forgot, incomplete, or abandoned. Hopefully they get things right if they are gonna go thru' with this.

TLC have talked about doing another tour or a goodbye tour and possibly more music. T-Boz calls 3D their weakest project due 2 alot of things going on at the time...making it sound like they wanna do another album.

Anyways, y'all know TLC is my other favorite group. Rest In Peace Left Eye. TLC forever.

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wow 6 years, i watched a little bit of that programme of her last days earlier, i didnt realise they were showing it bcoz of the date.

I really hope a lot of these projects happen, i think im the same as u AJ, TLC are one of my favourite groups, fanmail was my first proper RnB album. i would love to see them live altho it would never be the same without left eye.

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None of the modern day female rappers are really saying or doing anything. At least none that have gotten any mainstream success. To me, Left Eye was the last of the truely talented femcees. Coming out in 1991 with people like Marly Marl producing her stuff, she waz the last thru' the door opened by Roxanne, Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, and Yo Yo. Much respect 2 Da Brat and Foxy Brown, but Left Eye could hit u with something for the ladies and for the fellas, something deep and something light, something insanely creative and something simple. Check the playful nasaly flow on OoOoOoOohhh...On The TLC Tip, the high pitch flow on CraZySeXyCOol, the deeper voice rhythmic flow on FanMail, and the free spirit earthy flow on Supernova. She just kept changing and showing different sides. She designed her own (and TLC's) outfits, wrote all of her own rhymes (other than "Big Willie Style" and some of the stuff she did when working with Deathrow), she played instruments, sewed, danced, sang, acted. Insanely unpredictable. The more i think about her, the more i miss her, as if i knew her. Some artists just have that thing.

I wish they were airing The Last Days of Left Eye here in the US. I haven't seen it yet. I saw it before and found it very interesting. Even non-TLC fans would find the stuff that goes on in it very interesting.

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Ha ha...it waz a dream come true. What are the odds that your favorite 2 emcees will ever do a song 2gether? Not very good. I'm so in2 music and so in2 those groups that it waz just amazing. For years, it clouded the fact that the song is average work from the both of them...ha ha. The beat was dope back then, but hasn't 100% stood the test of time. The fact that Left Eye is rapping a kinda wack Nas-penned verse also ruins it a bit for me. Either way, it stands as a dope track 2 me since they came 2gether.

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TLC CLIPS FROM LAST DAYS OF LEFT EYE (I guess this is the best way 2 sum up the group in 10 minutes)


LEFT EYE - Crazy (This is how u rock a show)


LEFT EYE - BLOCK PARTY (DALLAS AUSTIN REMIX) (The remix 2 the curve ball she threw at Hip-Hop)


LEFT EYE - HOT (This is her claiming the spot of Hip-Hop's number one femcee)


LEFT EYE - HEAD TO THE SKY (This is for anyone not happy with the commercial state of Hip-Hop...)

LEFT EYE - A NEW STAR Is Born (On of Hip-Hop's deepest trax ever...this got alot of fans thru' her passing)


TLC - R U THE GIRL SET (Rockin' crowds from beyond)


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