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Hey guys!

Just thought I'd share with you my new song. Its called 'The 5 Rules' and it was written and produced by myself. It contains a Freddie Jackson sample (Rock Me Tonight) and I'd like to think of it as a feel good song.

Let me know what you guys think!

The 5 Rules


NB My website is www.dabrakes.com for those who haven't checked it out! Its basically telling you what I'm all about and got my television appearances and a few other songs! Just like to say that all creative content on the site is protected by copyright and any infringment will result in an ass whopping!!!

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Oh My God! You are really talented!!!

I'm really feeling the vibe, but still have troubles to understand your voice :kekeke:

It has a really chilly vibe!

Da Brakes is the king.

Do you have the lyrics for it

Here ya go!

The 5 Rules

Alright check it yeah; this is a song going out to all of my fellas out there yeah. I’ve been noticing that some of you boys on the street, you don’t know how to talk to these girls correctly. All going up to them and squeezing their arse, or disrespecting them if they don’t wanna get with you. That ain’t how you do it man. Look listen up yeah, I’m a tell you how its supposed to go down. Alright, check this out.

I was sitting there chilling

Sitting back reminiscing

All the pretty young women

Body be finger licking

I, testify bro let me get with it

If you give me 2 minutes

(Yeah) I can get them digits

I was cocky, nuttin could a stop me

I bop street, then I’d stop clean when I spot these

Fiiiiine young looking individuals

Better get with it, coz I’m about to get it physical

Always the same, “Baby girl what’s your name?”

She’d giggle a little and wouldn’t know what to say

Girl I’m short of time, by the way the more you smile

Its sort of like I suddenly get warm inside

Yours or mine? This is where its borderline

She said “Your real cute!”

I know I get that all the time!

She was surely mine no need to buss them corny lines

An ordinary guy? Please, I’m one of a kind


This is how it is; this is how it used to get done

5 rules (yeah) and I’m taking you from step one

Yes son, tell me do you really want the best one?

Coz if you do better pay attention to this song

This is how it is; this is how it used to get done

5 rules (yeah) and I’m taking you from step one

Yes son, tell me do you really want the best one?

Coz if you do better pay attention to this song

(Don’t talk to her breats)

You gotta be smooth, a gentleman and never crude

Women don’t like it when you be coming off all rude

There are 5 rules, let me school you son

By the time I’m done, you can have the finest one

Alright, number 1, fix up look sharp

Spend a bit of money and get some slick garms

Number 2, if the girl is with her crew.

Take her aside so it’s only her and you.

If you get dissed, slapped up and dismissed

Nobody saw it, so just go bout your business

Number 3, when you’re up in the club

And she walks past…DO NOT grab her arse

Its not funny bro, no its not clever

She’ll just turn around and be like “What ever!”

Number 4, bro no means no,

If she ain’t feeling you, take the hint and go


(Say the right name in bed)

The final rule, and it’s the most underrated

Should be implied as a fundamental basic

You’re the man; she’s the girl now on a level

Let there be no doubt in her mind that she’s special

Flowers, chocolates, not forgetting compliments

Not quite arrogant just a little confidence

Believe me a little thought goes a long way

This song play, should help you not to rub her up the wrong way

A sure winner, a candlelit dinner

Think like a pro, don’t let it show you’re a beginner

Give respect, yeah Aretha got it right

She ain’t your bredrin so its cool to be polite

I’m not a master, nah not a Romeo

Just dropping some knowledge of what I’ve learnt so you know

Take it or leave it, dismiss it or believe it

The 5 rules. Now you know how to achieve it


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