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Best Rap Album of 2005


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woah i just received my copy of this album from amazon..its amazing man!! i know im biased cause im a huge hiero fan...but triangulation station is what rap is all about!! :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: :bowdown:

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im callin it now..every one of you hip hop fans need to go out on tuesday and buy opio's triangulation station album.. that is what real hip hop is all about.. if you think eminem, kanye west [insert your favorite rapper here] is dope wait till you check op he'll blow you away...

listen to one of the tracks off the album here

Opio - Granite Earth

look this is one album i'm recommending..just go and get it..even if you know nothing about opio!

Hmm I've listened to the song and it's definately not bad but also it isn't really great, I'd say it's just well/good... It just isn't really that what I like, u kno'? But it isn't bad!!! :thumb:

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check it out / cuz y'all know me / opio lindsee / champion emcee" ha ha

i'll definitly check this out but i'm not sure if i'll be able to find in a record store cuz even bein in the bay area most of the stuff in record stores is not underground stuff. that's why i consider myself so lucky 2 find No Man's Land this past weekend.

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