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Will is a "knock out kisser"...


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ive just been looking at more pics and Will is kissing that other actress in the film too, hes just kissing every1. I agree its gone a bit far now, i really wanna hear what they both have to say about it, hopefully all will be revealed when he comes to the UK, the press here are bound to ask.

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u guys should stop saying they're playing the part-since they were lovers in a movie that they gotta keep it up in real life. If brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who play wife/husband in an upcoming movie) were seen kissin in public places, ppl would assume that they were dating. They wouldn't excuse it as just "oh they're keepin it up for a movie". Plus, i see Will was kissin other women BUT not on the lips, unlike Eva.

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i don't know if that story of will and jada's pact on unfaithfulness is true cause i've seen three pics of sensual kissing and holding b/w will and eva. but if the pact don't hold, then will is hurting his marraige and is disrespecting jada.

i hope the success of the movie hasn't gotten to him with talks of him being charming and all. i was surprised then shocked when i saw those pics of them in mexico. will's gotta be careful. everyone's looked to willjada union and something flimsy shouldn't put it off.

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Remember tho that a quick kiss can look like a long sensual kiss when photographed!

I know exactly what u mean...a few years ago i waz playing Spin Da Bottle and i had 2 kiss this girl that waz like 4 years younger than me. At that time, our age gap waz a lil' weird...so i just gave her a peck on the lips. Someone took a picture and it looks really bad...ha ha...both of us have our eyes shut, her hand on my shoulder, but it waz very innoncent...but the picture dosen't support that.

Years have gone by and we both did a show last spring where we were playing oppisite of each other as lovers. Now the age gap is no big deal so i put it down. :roll:

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At first, I thought Will was going a little too far but then I got to thinking that there are a lot of cats making a little too much of this issue with Will and Eva kissing each other everywhere. The only place we've seen them kiss is at premieres and press conferences. It would be different if they were caught at some restaurant by themselves.

Personally, I envy Will. This dude has gotten the chance to lock lips with some of the hottest women in Hollywood(Vivica Fox, Nia Long, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union and Eva Mendes to name a few) and to top it off, he goes home to Jada. It really doesn't get any better than that.

We also have to remember that Will & Jada's relationship is a unique one. Neither party is jealous of the other. Maybe Will and Jada talked about it before hand and Jada gave Will the o.k. on kissing Eva. Will & Jada love each other very much and maybe their relationship has that kind of honesty and openess.

Lastly, it's really none of our business what they do. These are grown *** folks.


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