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1000 post shout out


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Wow, i finally made it to 1000 posts. Not such a novelty for a lot of you by now though.

Still thought i'd make the expected shout out post

Tim - Another thanx for this great sight, without you they'd be B-sides i'd never heard, concerts i wouldn't know about, and CD's i never knew were coming out. Cheers

Da Brakes - Looking forward to catching you on Tuesday, expect some singalongs with me to some Will tunes :P

Julie - So glad your getting to see Will to for the first time the same day i do, i know you'll have a good time, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

AJ - Don't know where you keep it all but you sure know your musical knowledge, gotta keep some space in there for the new JJFP stuff tho.

DevilsJim - Good to know there is fans like you younger than myself who love the old school tunes. JJFP will never die out with peeps like you around.

EVERYONE ELSE WWW, Mfgua etc... - Now is a great time for this forum, good too see all the new faces over the last few months and all the regulars who havent abandoned Jeff & Will. You've all become good friends of mine (Staring to sound like a computer geek)


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Nice job man, keep on posting! :thumb:

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Congratz on da posts. Seems to have less and less meaning as more people do it. Anywa, U still DJ? How's taht going?

Havent DJ's since my Xmas night. Probably wont be for a while either as the pub i did my summer weekly shiws at has gone under new managment. Hopefully during the summer the guy who runs that club night will have me back sometime.

and Julie, being at uni these last few weeks has somehow made me spend more time on here, I think cos of the whole Switch/Lost&Found/Hitch Premier show has made me be here.


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