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I need all you Help !

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Oke well i am starting a new website .

And i need help.

It's Abou Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff.

Well this is what i need

I need all wallpapers you can give me

i need a little piece of switch below 750 kb.

and i need to Say sorry to each and everyone of you for asking this so rudely

soo i'm sorry for asking it like this

Thanks in advance


sounds like a suck up , heh ?! :roll:

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Why create a site with the same things as this one?

cuz it gives u pride and a certain feeling knowing that u designed a website that everybody can see and that you're proud of. also, it feels good 2 know ur educating people. im sure his site wont be the same as this site. of course its gonna have a different design and unique things about it :thumb:

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