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nelly ignores hip hops political power


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U know what's sad, i have Twista's album and didn't even remember the song being on it...shows how much i listen 2 it. Now that u bring it up, i do barely remember the song...but since i expected a lil' more from him on about half the album, i just don't listen 2 it that much and totally 4got all about it.

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...Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" didn't impress me much. I like the song, but i think it waz very overated. Not 2 many people REALLY felt the song 4 it's lyrics. When i went 2 see Musiq in B-more, the DJ played the song b4 Musiq performed and these girls, who, 4 the most part, were strippers with cloths on, danced 2 the song. I waz just like, "how can u come here in boots and a skimpy dress and dance like that 2 "Jesus Walks."

That Kanye West is a good song that got airplay but I think there have been more songs by other mcs that don't get airplay that are more powerful, basically any song on KRS-ONE's "Spiritual Minded" album is more powerful than "Jesus Walks". Strippers dancing to "Jesus Walks"? Damn that sounds corny! :roll:

"Kamakaze" was one of the better releases last year in mainstream hip-hop, but I don't listen to it much either anymore, that tells you how bad hip-hop is now, albums you buy now, you get sick of them after a few months. :ditto: That's what makes mcs like JJFP, Nas, LL, KRS, and Public Enemy so great, 10 years from buying the album, you could still listen to them and enjoy them, of course by then, you'll have to buy a few of that album 'cause it'd wear out from playing it so much.

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dont forget..he could have easily been misquoted..FP himself has been misquoted and every1 jumped all over him, i believe it was about 9/11. dont believe everything you get out of a magazine...not that i like nelly, i actually can't stand him...but still..

:werd: They tried to do the same thing to KRS-ONE too by saying that he formed alliances with Osama Bin Laden! :nhawong: You don't believe the hype but I've never really respected anything that Nelly has ever said he's an ignorant person and his music reflects that as well.

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