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Help with a song name...

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Remember when Will snuck into the house throught the kitchen? Went 360 around the table to avoid G. Crept past Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv to the stairs.

Half way up the stairs he stops and does a victory dance :hilarious:

What the song that plays while hes going it, I could have sworn I've heard it before? Thanks

"Good night Will."

"You're grounded!"

**Will stomps up the stairs** :hilarious:

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Yeah, while i don't remember the scene in detail, i just remember him dancing 2 a Hip-Hop beat 4 a second...which, if i'm right, did sound like one of Jeff's tag beats. I remember wanting them 2 release a Hip-Hop/R-N-B/Jazz CD featuring all the great music and tags he did 4 the show.

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I know Jeff did some of them....but i thought he did all of them. I remember seeing credits at the end of the some of the shows saying Jeff did them. I'm pretty sure i'm right on this, but maybe someone can look this up.

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