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FuQ - Brought Upon A Dream


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It's finally here. My version of 'Dreams' u could say. I wrote this on MLK Day too.

Click here to hear "Brought Upon A Dream"

January 17, 2005


I have a dream that one day, real artists will reign

Talk about the ups and downs, both the pleasure and pain

Status, it won't matter going platnium or gold

Won't matter how ya come in if ya new or ya old

...I brought upon a dream (3x)

I brought upon a dream that sets standards right

for every soul of the earth that loves holdin a mic

As rappers, we got goals and voices that's very loud

Listening supportive crowds and stances that stay proud

for those who need leaders, smartin' up as followers

to a place where a scheme for dollars was never needed

But believe it, that this reality holds

Creative spirits locked away, that's how talent is sold

I've had dreams for the moment, quick to plan it

Struggled wit varied options and I couldn't manage

Done day to day damage, try to prioritize

my path, which has never had an easy way to ride

Never been up in the VIBE, cuz I didn't subscribe

so I could write back bout topics that caught my eye

But I've caught the rappers visions, of how they're livin'

where sometimes it's real, sometimes it's business

Get stuck in between, money by any means

Fight against nightmares, so I can live out my (dream)

Nary a platnium chain, let my image be clear

Stayin' down to earth and truly sincere


Nobody's believin' that I can achieve

Can't depend on my friends like those friends depend on me

I kinda don't let them see it, therefore I'll never be it

In the back of their mind, my failure is kept secret

Regret what I say, and take a new approach today

that helps me balance out being strict and being stray

Is it the air waves of stations, or sound waves of voices

that expand my name in the land as one of the choices

that hip hop fans can listen to, I get thru

cuz I know how to come, don't beat em down like a drum

It's like a one chance audition, there's no more wishin'

Pressurin' ya-self as ya own competition

Ratha better myself, then destroy someone else

cuz it's on me to know, just how I felt

after I learned, before the world turned to a new day

My ideas refreshed and represented in a new way

It was the posters, magazines, and songs wit themes

that propelled me everyday to go for a (dream)

To write about a (dream)

To think about a (dream)

Couldn't take it anymore so I (brought U all my dreams)

about being artistic, not measured by statistics

Like oxygen's colorless, talent is ageless

Hip hop was brought up race: African

But it can be performed and listened to by any person


then the end will have a locker door slam and my next track will be "The Locker (Skit)".


How's the audio? I listened to it. As far as volume is concerned, I think it's fair. Effects sound ok? I wanted a lil different kind of sound. Almost like in a deep vision type state. Holla back! :cya:

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Dang, I got all nervous sayin to myself "Expect no mercy from Da Brakes." and all I get is a later on? :kekeke:

I'm just honest about what I like man! :kekeke:

With regards to my music I'd much rather people tell me the truth about it rather than just say yeah its alright! i don't feel I learn anything from it and won't be able to progress as an artist!

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With regards to my music I'd much rather people tell me the truth about it rather than just say yeah its alright!  i don't feel I learn anything from it and won't be able to progress as an artist!

Yes, that's all fine and well, but that still doesn't help me!! I can't progress without a report. :sonny:

jjfp2004 - thanks

iceonly - ur opinion not important? We all put an ear out to listen to our fellow JJFP members. btw, nice sig. I'm feelin that. :rock:

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Hey I just tried listening to it just now, but it's saying the webpage is currently unavailable, what's up with that?...hey FUQ, if you're here still let's chat

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From reading the lyrics and hearing the song, this is your best work yet and that says a lot, keep it up and you'll go far! :clap: Keep on writing what your heart tells you.

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