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oh cool i didnt think Tim could put the vid up, sorry it wasnt the full version i have a slow computer and as it was transferring thru msn my dad came and told me off coz i had to go and fix my car. I explained to him this was the world internet premier of switch but as Will says "parents just dont understand", then disater my computer cuts out and the transfer broke.

and yes u can see me in the TV lol, sorry, i couldnt fix that. I should have put a switch hat on and put it to the side so it looks like im in the vid lol.

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Oh this is sooooo tight, thankya Da Brakes and Jazzy Julie much props like major props. You guys are like my new best friends ahhaha. Everybody switch. I'm listening to the song right now and it's like summertime is back again. Fresh rhymes and beats, I like the lyrical boundaries this man doesn't have. WHOOO, thank you, can't wait for the album now. PEACE.

-Turn it over and hit, ooh na na na.

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