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Will = CD:UK....

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I was watching CD:UK which is on saturday mornings over here and the host Cat Dealey was saying what was coming up nextw eek, she rallied off names and then she said "and the return of Will Smith". Wether this means he'll be on the show, or they'll show his new video i dont know.

But perhaps all the people in the UK may wanna tune in and hope somethign good comes up.

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GREAT NEWS !! :thumb:

i'll check out the repeat today, and if it's definate i'll be watching next week

Edit: it's repeated on ITV 2 @ 16:30, today

(repeat might come in useful next saturday aswell)

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Ace, gotta catch that. Was it the Saturday morning show or the late night CD:UK hotshots programme.


Get the VCR's at the ready

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but CD:UK is a music show and with her saying "the return of" surely means music cos its not like he's returning to films cos he's been doing films consistantly

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I will watch the repeat now !! and fill you in on the details.

if it's true the next 7 days will be a nightmare waiting for it

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Just watched the repeat and yes she definately says the words "And The Return Of Will Smith" when she's going through whats on next weeks show !!

if he's in the studio, or just showing the video, or maybe just some news i don't know but i suggest all UK people watch or tape it

I can't wait, but it's still a week away :thumb:

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