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I'm Lookin For The One To Be With Me

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"I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)" may have a similar impact like "Summertime" becuz they were both produced by Hula + K. Fingers. Those guys came up with some crazy beats and JJ+FP had great chemistry with them.

I like the song alot, but one thing that won't allow me 2 compare it 2 "Summertime" and "Brand New Funk" is that, since it's a party song, the lyrics just aren't that focused. It bugged me for years that the title and chorus have nothing 2 do with the lyrics.

I know nothin about the producers that u ppl are talkin about and I've never seen the video, but this song is not one of my favorites for the reasons listed above :ditto: (gotta love workin in the smileys)

one of my pet peeves is rap songs w/ loose rhymes ("switch", wut?) and any songs that have a chorus that is catchy and there only for the purpose of being a chorus, since none of the versus really tie into the hook at all

overall, not one of JJFP's best, even tho the beat & melody is kinda catchy... there are plenty of artists who can make a catchy tune

:ridepony: (i just discovered that there are an obscene number of unnecessary smileys to enjoy if u actually take the time to click "show all")

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I think JJFP should collaborate wit Teddy Riley again one day, he's a legendary producer, I don't think his production really fell off, his popularity just did, but he produced "I Got To Get Her" which is my favorite song on LL's "The Definition" album(too bad LL's not releasing another single) I'd still choose him over Kanye West anyday, "I'm Looking For The One" is one of the best JJFP songs, you could never get tired of it! :bowdown:

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