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He should spread it out over the year so we don't so anxious waiting for new will music/films etc

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Nah, i think the stuff should keep comin.' With The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air just hitting Nick At Nite, i think the timing is perfect. 100s of people want 2 see the series on DVD but the interest has sparked more since it hit Nick At Nite.

Look at the success of I, Robot and Sharktale. They are both great films and they are totally different...and big succeses.

And the music...well, that's where it's at. He serves as an alternative 2 the trash on the charts. He's making music 4 himself and 4 people in general. Most cats are making music for the money and fame...and that's why they have or will fall flat on their face. Besides, with all the hype behind him, the music is the only way 2 meet the man himself. Movies certainly can't do it.

It's been a huge year for FP...i sugest he keep it comin.'

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i dunno about the commercial. Gord and Dave over at tvshowsondvd.com have always been the 1st source with any information. i ahve learned to trust them with almost every other show and i think i will ait for them to mention something about it before i get my hopes up. No offence to AJ of course as u have been a great reliable source for all things jjfp in the past.

P.S. MadTV and Fresh Prince were being looked into for dvd release at the same time and now that madtv has been released it seems liek it will only be a matter of time before we see fresh prince on DVD!!! :clap:

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