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Haha! Yeah, it seems that this will be Will's next movie, after 'Suicide Squad'. Who knows, maybe he's looking for another touching movie, like 'Seven Pounds' (although let's hope that this turns out to be better), in order to get that Oscar. But first, let's wait and see what happens with 'Concussion'.

Anyway I have to admit that 'Bounty' sounds like a more interesting movie for me, at least, right now. We'll see with time :)

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On 12/2/2015 at 8:27 AM, Hero1 said:

This looks good. Good script, Good director.

Good director ? Really ?


Cast is excellent but as always...Will works again with a bad director. The only exception being suicide squad lately.

Me and Earl and the Dying girl was exceptional, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has so much talent already. Now the guy that does mediocre movies like Sex and the city, Marly and me, Devil wears prada is going to be doing this ? And then you wonder why Will boycotts the oscars if he's going to keep working with mediocre directors. Not to mention the writer Loeb...ugh.

It boggles my mind really how Will keeps doing these mediocre projects and almost ignores the high profile ones and then boycotts the oscars.It would only strengthen his case if he worked with really good directors and it's not like impossible, he still has a good name and there are a lot of good directors out there you just need to look for them. He works with Ayer boom exceptional project, probably the most interesting thing he's done in ages....and now he's going back to his old ways...ugh.

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Marley & Me and Devil Wears Prada were good successful movies. Ed Norton is a fantastic actor, he doesn't join this project unless he thinks it's going to be pretty good. As far as box office I don't think it does more than 50 million in the US but I think it has a chance of being a good movie.

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